Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So THIS is hot

This time last year, we were in CO where it occasionally would get up to 95, but then at night almost always get down into the upper 50's. Oh, and no humidity. We didn't have air conditioning, so we whined when it got up to 80 in our house, but always knew that it would cool off later. Well, now we're in TX, where it regularly passes 100 and we're lucky if it gets in the 70's at night! Much humidity. Plus, I'm 7 months pregnant. I think I'm beginning to understand what "hot" really is!

I shouldn't complain, though, because I know a lady who lives in AZ whose high the other day was 131!! I told her I couldn't imagine what that would be like. She said, "You know how it feels when you've been cooking all day and you open the oven and the heat burns your face? Yeah, that's what it feels like when I open the front door!" That put things in perspective for me. I'm suddenly very content with 100 degrees!

Johnathan and I have been having fun going swimming about once a week at a friend's house, so we're finding ways to keep cool and work on our tans! Everyone always comments on his olive complexion. He's his daddy's boy!

I'm forever grateful for air conditioning and will try from this day on to be content, no matter the temperature! (But I wouldn't mind a little rain!)


Aunt Donna said...

Ah, yes, those Texas summers. I remember them - can't say that I miss them! Even on a cooler day (oh, 95 or so), with the wind blowing, sort of feels like standing in front of a hair dryer on high!

The Sheets said...

Kim-- I was burning up being prenant in the spring. I literally froze my husband out of our apartment. I can't imagine being pregnant in the summer. That little baby girl of yours better appreciate it. (Although she probably won't until SHE'S pregnant in the summer.) ;)