Monday, May 26, 2008

Thoughts as the third trimester begins.

Hooray! I passed my gestational diabetes test today!

Bummer. I've already gained all the weight I'm supposed to ... for the whole pregnancy.

Hooray! Less than three months to go!

Bummer. Everyone else I know who is pregnant will have their babies before I do.

Hooray! I have the whole summer to spend quality time with only two kids!

Bummer. I have absolutely zero energy to do anything.

Hooray! The pools are opening around here this week!

Bummer. That maternity swim suit just is not flattering one bit.

Hooray! I'm sleeping great these days!

Hooray! I have everything I need for the cute cowboy nursery!

Hooray! The baby is very active and seems to be totally healthy!

Hooray! I will hold this little boy in my arms before the summer is over!

Okay, good. There are more hoorays than bummers. It's good to remind myself of that every now and then. :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A week from now ...

... my baby brother will be married!

I still remember when ...

... Mom told me that we were going to have another baby and asking me if that was okay! (I said yes.)
... Kristi and I went to the hospital to see our new baby brother.
... I caught him sitting on the counter (18 mo?) stuffing two more chocolate oatmeal cookies into his already full and chocolate-covered mouth.
... he yelled "Cowabunga Dude!" before 'flying' off the monkey bars at preschool--because he truly believed he could fly--and coming home with a broken arm.
... our family would go to soccer games to watch Kreg dribble the ball down and score every time w while all the other little boys would just try to keep up.
... he got third degree burns trying to walk the dog too close to the grill.
... he walked into a swinging baseball bat.
... he fell down an elevator shaft and had staples put in his head.
... he would keep up with me when I was in high school going on several mile jogs ... and he was still in elementary school
.... Papaw Kell baptized him at College Church.
... he told me about his first kiss.
... he helped his football team win the state championship by throwing the winning touchdown.
... he changed my son's diaper.
... he became the second in our immediate family to be a long jump state champion.
... I told him about a cute little girl that I had coached in CO who would be coming to Harding and that they should at least meet.
... we took his senior trip to Destin and all had a time to preach at him. I told him that the woman he married needed to be someone that we actually liked. ;)
... he told me on April 10, 2007 that this Keleigh Good girl might really be "the one!"
... he sent me a message on June 12, 2007 with a picture of the ring he intended to buy.
... he called right after the surprise proposal.

I also remember when ...
... I was told about this family moving to Colorado Springs who had three daughters and they thought that they might play basketball.
... I met Keleigh and how I thought how polite and mature she was for being just 14 (15?).
... Keleigh led her team with unquenchable spirit and sacrificial commitment, and then found out after the season that she had probably had mono the whole season.
... John and I talked about how we wanted to do parenting like the Goods did.
... I showed her a picture of my "little brother."
... I found out she was going to Harding, and I told her to at least meet Kreg and just make the connection between us.
... Kevin (Keleigh's dad) agreed to be my assistant coach in basketball--yea!
... Kevin told me that Keleigh had told him that Kreg had opened the Bible building door for her and not realized it was her.
... Kevin told me that Keleigh had told him that she had to crawl over Kreg at church to get to her seat ... and he didn't realize it was her.

And now we're one week out. What a precious couple! I thank God for bringing Kreg and Keleigh together! I couldn't have hand-picked any better!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The gash

It's one of those times where you have to make the call ... do I go or do I stay? If I go, is to the ER or the doctor? And if I go, what 12 things have to be done before I can just drop everything and go? It's a logistical nightmare. Oh, plus your child's head is bleeding. Quick! Make a decision!

We decided to stay, and I think it was the right choice. Here's the story:

On Tuesday, Johnathan was taking his afternoon nap. Well, he was supposed to be sleeping, but that's another story. Kalleigh had already woken up from hers and was playing nicely on her own. I was at the kitchen table going through the mail. I heard her climb up on the little stool in their bathroom and say, "Boo!" over and over. I went in to check on her and she was playing "Peek-a-boo" with herself in the mirror. Pretty cute. I smiled to myself and headed back to the kitchen.

A few more "Boo!"s and then I heard the stool move suddenly, then a THUD, then much screaming. "Aww, that'll leave a nice bump," I thought.

When I got in there, her poor little feet were still propped up on the stool and she was lying on her back on the floor with her head against the wall. I scooped her up and immediately felt for the knot. Good, there it was. Better out than in. :) We got the "Boo Bunny" (the washcloth that is shaped to look like a bunny that wraps around a piece of ice to put on the "boo-boo") and I held that against the knot for awhile.

I noticed that her diaper was soaked, so I took her into her room to change her. As I laid her down on the changing table, I noticed that there was some blood on my hand and arm and a little smudged on her leg, too. "What in the world?" I thought. I hadn't seen any blood in the bathroom. Maybe she bit her lip? But no; that wasn't it. I didn't see anything else immediately, so I finished changing her.

When I picked her up, there was a nice approximately 4"x 2" area of blood where her head had been. Yikes! I turned her around, and sure enough, there on the back of her head was a nice big area of matted hair that had mixed with the blood, but had all but stopped the bleeding. I took her in and tried to wash the blood out of her hair so I could see the wound better.

And there it was. The gash was open about an eighth of an inch and was close to 3/4 of an inch long. I even measured it with a ruler! There was no way I would be able to keep that together with all that hair. But again, the bleeding had almost stopped and I couldn't see the skull or anything, plus she was starting to calm down and her pupils were normal--no concussion.

We had come to the decision point. To go or not to go. What do you do? Call Mom! Mom has had a few experiences with head wounds, mostly Kreg's. From him walking into a swinging baseball bat to falling down an elevator shaft and needing staples, Mom was the one to call. In an attempt to avoid sounding panicked, I unnaturally calmly explained the situation. We agreed that if I took her in, they would probably put a couple of stitches in, but that the trauma of the whole ordeal probably would have been worse than the trauma of having a scar on the back of her head. Mom talked a little to Kalleigh on the phone, which helped her calm down a little, too. Yea for Nana!

Kalleigh has been an absolute trooper through this whole mess. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to bother her one bit, and she's doing totally fine.

Here's a picture of the wound about 28 hours after it happened.

I never found any blood in the bathroom, which seemed strange to me. The wall by the bathtub sticks out a bit, so I think she must've hit her head on the shoe molding that comes to a point the corner of that wall. But still, no blood? Weird.

Another crazy day in the life of a toddler!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The summer is here

Johnathan's last day of preschool was today. He has learned so much this year! They had a little picnic lunch and then played some games. His teacher handed out little certificates to all of them and then they had some yummy snacks. Where was my camera? At home, of course. I amaze myself.

But it's starting to get pretty hot. Too hot for picnics outside, that's for sure! And though the actual beginning of summer isn't for another month, it's summer here in Tyler.

I'm off to get a refill of ice water ... again ... followed shortly thereafter by a run to potty ... again, as I'm pretty sure Jonas is turning head down these days. Just three more months ... Three more hot, sticky, humid ......... can we say POOL PLEASE?!?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers ... Part 2

Thanks to Mom for such a wonderful comment! And thanks to so many of you who commented as well and showed you love for my mom!

The other part of Mother's Day I wanted to share was the questionnaire that Johnathan did at school. Not bad, Son!

(Johnathan's answers in bold.)

My mother is as pretty as a rainbow.
My mother is 16 years old.
My mother weighs 60 pounds.
My mother's favorite color is pink.
My mother's favorite food is cereal and eggs.
My mother's favorite drink is orange juice.
My mother's favorite TV show is Veggie Tales.
My mother's favorite store is Wal-Mart.
My mother's favorite animal is a dog.
My mother's favorite restaurant is Sonic.
My mother is special to me because she helps me.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I love my mom!

Mom entered a new phase of life this week: KID-FREE! An exciting time, of course. A time of self-redefinition. A time for new opportunities. A time not to have to provide for anyone else.

And just like any season of change ... I'm sure it's hard! I mean, she's been doing this parenting thing for 29 years without a break! And for that season to be over? I've been doing the parenting thing for almost four years, and it's so hard to try to imagine a season beyond that!

And just like any season of change ... she enters it with grace and determination. I think she's going to wear "empty nest" just beautifully! This season isn't going to change, so we might as well look pretty. :)

And just like any season of change ... she walks through it with God as her guide. Many unknowns out there! Questions such as, "What now?" are not weighted down with worry and self-pity, but are directed to God with faith that He gives answers!

Thank you, God, for my mom! And thank you, Mom, for being you! I love you!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sometimes he knows just what to say

So I went to pick up the kids after praise team rehearsal last night. I walked in the room and both kids yell, "Mommy!" and head my direction.

Then Johnathan turns to the babysitter and says, "See? It's Mommy! Isn't she pretty?"

My son could do no wrong the rest of the evening.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

It's probably time ...

... for a belly shot. Clearly Vocal took new pictures the other day, mostly to get some good head shots, but we got a few full shots, too. Here are Jonas and me--about 5 1/2 months. :)

To see the new CV head shots, just click here!