Thursday, March 18, 2010

Favorite Current Jonasisms

Blotz = Blocks
Ah-noons = Cartoons
Lallow = Yellow, yes, but it also means he wants to color
Blap = Lap
Wet = Bread
Me Mean = Green Bean
Ah-ee = Sorry
Izzit? = Where is it?
Ayiz! = There it is!
Ninich = Chicken



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

THE Competition

Well, we didn't win. No sense in building the suspense! But read on if you want to hear about the whole trip.

Wednesday morning, we did sing that birthday gig for a detective here in town, and then John and I and the kids began our drive to Colorado Springs.

If you've ever been on a road trip with me, you know the rules. It's not that I don't enjoy the drive because I do. I like to see if I can get to Point B faster than I did last time. I like to see how many cars I can pass in one minute. I like to predict the speed traps and be right. And most of all, and this might not be that nice, but, I LOVE passing the car that flew by me a couple miles back as he's getting a ticket from the nice police officer that pulled him over. >:)

You combine your potty, gas and food stops as much as possible, and always get food to go. One parent takes the child/ren to the potty while the other fills up with gas. Then you switch. The you go through the drive through and get back on the road.

I completely understand how this might not be everyone's favorite way to travel, and I don't take offense. But I love it! Especially when we had so far to go this time.

TX was a breeze to drive through, as well as most of NM. The snow started in Dalhart, TX, but wasn't too bad ... until Raton, NM. Then came Raton Pass. Terrible snow. Of course it was dark which made the car lights reflect off of each gigantic snowflake. It was near white-out conditions! I couldn't see the white lines on the road 80% of the time. I just kept looking for those occasional reflectors on each side of the road and made sure I was in between them!

Crazy snow. Until Pueblo, about an hour south of Colorado Springs, where it turned to light rain. And by the time we entered Colorado Springs, it was finally, beautifully clear. I was so thankful that we made it safely!

Kreg and Keleigh welcomed us into their beautiful home. Mom had flown in earlier that day. We spent Thursday just spending some quality time with family and I was also able to run by Pikes Peak Christian School for a bit and see a bunch of friends from when we lived there.

That night Kreg grilled burgers and brats for dinner. We were joined by the Goods as well as Todd and Tiffany! Yummy burgers and s'mores!

Friday  morning, we left the kids in COS and drove up to Denver to meet up with the rest of CV. We found them at the Starbucks close to the hotel. No big surprise there. :)

That day we spent our time just playing in Denver. We cruised up and down 16th Street Mall, ate at Hard Rock for lunch, caught an IMAX that afternoon and had PF Chang's for supper. We managed to find some rehearsal time in there and also sang on 16th and drew a crowd! And we only lost Danny one time! ;)

Saturday was great. Leisurely breakfast wherever we felt like it, then went to a park to rehearse! After a great last rehearsal we ate at Maggiano's. Oh my. That meal was the best of all of them. Then we had our "not-so-perfect" sound check that afternoon. I think we had just never heard ourselves that loudly before! It threw us for a loop, but really prepared us for that night.

Supper was completely unnecessary after the late, huge lunch. We headed back to the hotel, got ready and went to the show! Mom, Keleigh, Tiffany and a friend of hers also were able to go to the show as well as Stefanie's husband and parents. What loyal fans!

We were the first group after intermission. Man those spotlights felt good! We sang so well and we were pretty pumped up after our little 10 minutes was up.

Unfortunately (I guess) jazz was not what the judges had in mind for the winners. They chose a local, all-male vocal pop band to win it all. I don't know if it was just coincidence at all that the judges were all also members of a local all-male vocal pop band, but I'm trying not to put too much weight on that. :) John said that if The Real Group themselves had been in the competition, they wouldn't have won! What matters is that we know that we can walk into an unfamiliar, high-pressure situation and do great! We did what we do very well, and we are so pleased with that.

I also need to say that the group that won, Confidential, was SO good! We didn't get to hear them do their set because we were warming up at the time, but we did hear their encore song, and it was tight! I'm happy for them and hope they do great at the finals in May!

We dropped Mom off at the airport after about 4 hours of sleep and had a good trip home, beating our first trip time by 30 minutes. Not surprising, though, since you pretty much coast all the way home from Denver to Tyler! Oh yes, we did go ahead and pick up the children from Kreg and Keleigh, though there was some debate about leaving them there. We got that worked out. :) I think they got some good cousin time in with Westin!

CV decided to take Monday's rehearsal off since we all needed rest, both vocally and physically! But we do look forward to a busy April! I'm so blessed to get sing with such talented and dedicated people!

Thanks to Kreg, Keleigh, Mom and Tami for helping out with the kids. We couldn't have made the trip without your help!

Much love to our CV fans!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I'll have an order of Ketchup with Bullets

SO sorry. So very sorry. I have had little to no motivation to blog for whatever reason. Things are great, though, so no worries!

Here's what we did in February:

  • Continued to plan the Ladies Retreat. Aunt Karla is our guest speaker ... at our silent retreat. What? It's going to be awesome. April 16-18. Be there. Theme: "Can You Hear Me Now?"
  • Sang with Group Therapy at KE Cellars every other Thursday. Good crowds lately! Lots of fun.
  • Finished up Johnathan's basketball season. Wow. 5-year-olds with a basketball. Now that's funny stuff.
  • Sang with both Group Therapy and Clearly Vocal at the Women's Convention in Harvey Hall.
  • Survived the stomach bug that ran through our house. Literally.
  • Shoveled snow off my driveway for the first time since we moved here.
  • Sang at 3 Valentine's parties and did 30 singing telegrams with Clearly Vocal in 3 days.
  • Took Jonas to the doctor and Johnathan to the dentist; both regular check-ups.
  •  Ran (at least once a week). :)
  • Continued to facilitate my Ladies Bible Class group.
  • Got the news that both our preacher and women's/children's minister were leaving.
  • Sang at Caffe' Tazza again.
  • Drove with Stefanie to Searcy to lead worship with Mom at Harding's WINGS conference. Talk about a quick trip! Up Friday, back Saturday!

And now it's March! So far we've ...
  • Continued getting ready for the Harmony Sweepstakes by rehearsals every Monday night and had a send-off concert last Friday night. So very fun!
  • Sent Kristi's 28th birthday present, albeit late, but sent!
  • Gone on an actual date Saturday night. Dinner at Jake's where Danny was playing and went to see Alice in Wonderland!
  • Taught the children's class at The Gathering (downtown service at West Erwin benevolence center each Sunday night). I'm doing that through March, but we may find a home there on Sunday nights! What a ministry to the less fortunate of downtown Tyler.
  • Had an amazingly low-key past couple of days where I could clean house, do laundry and cook.

And now we're ...
  • Having one last CV rehearsal before the competition.
  • Singing a surprise birthday telegram at 8:15 in the morning.
  • Leaving for Colorado tomorrow immediately after that for the Harmony Sweepstakes! We'll get into Colorado Springs late tomorrow night and get to spend all day Thursday with Mom, Kreg, Keleigh and Westin.
  • Friday morning, John and I will meet the rest of the group in Denver for some fun group time!
  • And Saturday is the competition! Craziness.

I'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes!

(The pics of Kalleigh and Jonas are random. Just didn't want them to be left out!)