Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Preggy Scrap Page

As per Tiffany's request, I'll post a belly picture. Now actually, it's a layout that I did of my belly, so it doesn't even have my face in it. I do want to take some pictures of our family around my belly, though, so if/when I take those, I'll post them for sure!

For a better view, go to this scrapbook site:

There is a description under the picture that includes the journaling words. I entered this layout in a contest, and didn't win. :( Serves me right, though ... I thought I had it in the bag! We all need our little humble reminders every now and then, right?


elizabeth said... good Kim!

John & Kisti said...

Oh, you so totally had that in the bag! That is absolutely beautiful! Is the pictue professional? And you totally summed it up! There are a lot of things I don't miss about being pregnant...the perpetual vomiting, the heat, going to the bathroom every 2 minutes...but other than that, there is nothing like it! I actually miss the feeling of being pregnant. It is amazing to hold a life inside your body! Thankfully holding her is unbelievably even better:)
(I'm going to steal the wording for my scrapbook, hope you don't mind!:)

Tiffany Rose said...

Yea! Thanks Kim!.... what a great page, I LOVE IT! :) can't wait to see the family belly pics! :)

Kim Hodges said...

Hee hee. Thanks, Kisti ... it's not a professional pic. Adobe Photoshop 4.0 is an amazing piece of software. :)