Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Scary Squash

As you other parents know, we could fill every day's blog with stories of our kids, assuming we had time to do so. At this stage in my life, I have that time after Johnathan goes to bed. Don't expect much after Kalleigh comes. :)

The Scary Squash:

So, Johnathan was watching Veggie Tales's "Classy Songs With Larry: Larry's High Silk Hat," something that he had watched before with no issues. However, this time he was sitting about three feet away from the tv in his little camp-type chair. He was swaying and dancing in his chair along with the song until the huge squash from the gym pounded onto the screen. Johnathan screamed, got out of his chair and ran behind it, and cried very hard, keeping his eyes glues to the squash! John and I were doing other things, so at first we didn't know why he was crying. In fact, I was taking his laundry basket to the utility closet and thought he might be throwing a fit about the fact that I was taking his things somewhere! So, I stopped and asked him what was wrong. "That one's scary!" he said, through tears. This was one of those moments when John and I had to control our laughter--who knew our son would be scared by a squash on Veggie Tales! Not even a mean one, at that; just a really big and ugly one! I said, "Let's watch it again, and you can sit with Mommy." "Yeah," he said, almost in a whisper. So, we watched it again. This time, he didn't cry, but kept a watchful eye on the big squash. After the song was over, I paused it and asked him if he was still scared. "Not scary anymore," he said, and went back to his chair to finish the rest of the show!

I suppose some of the things in life that we think are SO scary at first, really turn out to be big, ugly squashes that's aren't so scary afterall. Isn't it great that "God Is Bigger than the Boogieman"?! That no matter how big our squashes are, God is always bigger than our biggest fears. Praise God!


Sandi said...

Yeaaaaaaaa, Kim! I found you guys!! I can't believe that it's been so long since I've seen you and that we seem to always miss each other in Searcy! I love the pictures -- I would love to see more. I've really enjoyed reading through your blog. Our kids are pretty close together -- Caden turns 2 September 10th, and our second boy (no name yet) is due this September 5th. We'll have to get together in Searcy sometime.

The squash story is hilarious. Caden's really into Blue's Clue's along with Einstein, Veggie Tales, and Elmo. Every time he says Blue's Clue's, he does his hands like Steve/Joe.

Enjoy your last couple of months of pregnancy!!

Aunt Laurie said...

Bless his little heart! Isn't it interesting how just when we think our children are fearless, they encounter some "scary squash"? Your telling of the story just makes me chuckle!! :) Maybe you can get a job writing for Christian Woman magazine! Have a great day & keep the stories coming!