Friday, August 04, 2006

Homemade Play-Doh and other such things

Friday's are always good because they're John's days off. We can actually take care of Johnathan together! It takes the stress off of me a little.

For all of those potty-training mothers out there, I have no advice. Just singing Johnathan's praises for going poopy in the potty for the second day in a row. ("Look, look, look! Big ones!" said Johnathan.) We are FAR, FAR, FAR from being potty trained, and not in a rush to do so, as I know he will probably regress on whatever progress he might make when little Kalleigh gets here. However, if he's in a good mood and wants to go, I'm all for it!

Today we made play-doh. I thought about making several different colors, and then was reminded of Elizabeth's latest blog with Carter's colorful creation, and decided to go all blue. :) (Carter, it WAS beautiful!)

Since we don't own any play-doh (and we don't need any, thank you!), Johnathan hasn't had much experience with it. We did it right with the pastry roller and cookie cutters, and he had a blast! I even made a few creations myself. Here are just a couple of pictures of Johnathan working hard.

Yeah, he puts clothes on about half the time. :)

On a side note, I've leaned that hummingbirds don't like Splenda. I knew better than to try it--that stuff's expensive!--but we were out of sugar (yes, I'm embarrased that we ran out of sugar) and the hummingbird feeder was almost empty. So, instead of going grocery shopping as I probably should have, I just mixed up some Splenda with the water instead. It's been interesting to watch the hummingbirds' reactions to this fake juice. They'll buzz around and perch because, hey, it looks good. Then they'll take a drink, and jump back a little. Then they'll move around to all four flowers to taste them and all with the same reaction. Then they fly away ... disgusted and betrayed.

I'll go shopping tomorrow. :)


Aunt Donna said...

Little Johnathan looks so cute playing with that playdoh. Love that diaper-only look - reminds me of the cousins in the generation before him! :) I had to laugh about the Splenda in the hummer feeder.

elizabeth said...

So cute! I love that little belly hanging over the diaper!