Monday, August 07, 2006

Hummingbird Saga Continues

So it really is true that they don't like Splenda-water and love real sugar-water. We're back in business with the real sugar.

Now we have this male who has claimed the feeder as his own. He sits there smugly NOT drinking anything, but chasing off anything bigger than a dragonfly. He fought off three others at one point this morning! I had to take a picture:

Look at him! Just sitting there! He's not even taking a drink. I wondered how long it would take for him to actually drink that whole thing all by himself. I think he belives that it is his right to do so. Look how fat he is! Male dominance--ugh!

On another note, here's the Johnathan story of the day:

For all of you Little Einstein fans, this one's for you ... So, Johnathan was about to watch Little Einsteins and he says, "Mommy, you watch, too." I say, "No, baby, I'm making bread for our supper tonight." I assume he's okay with it, for I didn't hear a response. LE kept going, and it got the part where, "June is patting! Quincy's patting! Annie's patting!" Johnathan yelled out, "Johnathan's patting! Mommy's- ...... makin' bread." The latter part sounded a bit disappointed. :) It's always an adventure ...


Aunt Donna said...

Re: Johnathan story -- this is when you need Nana in the house. Right, CJ? While you make the bread for everyone, she could be watching Little Einstein (personally one of my favorite shows with or without grandkids!) with him. Oh, those grandkids! There's nothin' like 'em!

deborah said...

Oh my, I could just hear Johnathan saying that. Caleb's favorite thing to say from Little Einsteins is "I can-not bee-weeve it!"

Your blog is so great. I'm feeling remotely ready to start my own, but don't hold me to it.

Nana said...

You've got that right! Nana would have been in there patting with Johnathan and LE!! Being a Nana is awesome!

Aunt Laurie said...

#1, Little Einsteins is THE BEST & I'm so glad my precious nephew gets to watch it & is learning so much! He is so smart & adorable! (I'm not biased! :))

#2, WHAT is up with that dumb bird at the feeder??? Must be quite a compliment to the "chef" if the bird has to hog all of the goodies for himself! :)