Thursday, March 29, 2007

Itsy Bitsy Pider

Just thought I'd write out the words to this beloved toddler song ... well, Johnathan's words:

(sung usually to Kalleigh and usually very loudly and with all hand motions)

Dee itsy bitsy pider wen up da water spout.
Down came a rain and washed da pider out!
Down came a sun and dry of fall da rain,
And dee itsy bitsy pider wen up da water spout!

Hee hee. It always makes me smile. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kalleigh's starting to sit up on her own!


Love those Boppys.

I'm starting to see what might be the first teeth budding. Her poor little gums are red and swollen, so it's kind of hard to tell. I gave her a washcloth that I had wet and put in the freezer. I was afraid she was going to eat the whole thing! She chewed it up until it was room temperature and then didn't want it anymore. You think she's teething?!

I found what was causing the trouble in Bison!!

Monday morning, I went back to the vet with Bison. Oh yeah, Saturday morning, while doing some cleaning, I found the other half of the mysterious cheese wrapper; the never-ingested cheese wrapper. So I had know idea what was causing Bison's issues. Bison was feeling a little better that morning, so the vet thought that maybe it was some weird liquid he had gotten into, though I couldn't come up with anything that Bison might have had access to. But he had eaten like 5 bites of the mushy dog food Sunday night and I had also given him a little Pedialyte and he had kept it down, so I guess that's where he had gotten some of his energy back. So the vet sent us home (charge-free!!!) and told me to call him back Wednesday and give him an update. (He was going to be out of town that afternoon and Tuesday.)

Monday afternoon got bad. (This gets a little graphic.) Bison started shaking and wouldn't eat a thing. Every 30 seconds or so for about 2 hours, he would let out a yelp like he was in pain. John had the car at work, so I couldn't have gone to the vet if I had wanted to. So we just waited it out. I continued to give Bison his meds 3x per day. Then Monday evening, right after I gave him his last dose of medicine for the day, he went outside and pooped this nasty, jagged, hard plastic piece of a toy. I have yet to identify the toy, but it does say, "Mattell." I took a picture of it next to my phone so you could see how big and nasty it was. This was so much worse than a cheese wrapper would ever have been! I'm amazed that it didn't tear anything inside while making the journey out!

So he's feeling great today. He ate almost a whole serving of his mushy dog food this morning and had no accidents overnight, thank goodness! He should be okay to accompany me jogging in the morning. (John said that Bison whined the whole time I was gone jogging this morning because he wanted to go ... sorry, Honey:)

And now for the picture:
I'm so glad we're "passed" this whole thing! We can just "put it behind us" and "move on"!
It's okay. You can roll your eyes. I rolled my eyes at myself. :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

It's a bigger deal than we'd hoped ...

Bison had a terrible night. Lots of throwing up, some diarrhea. Not good. So he spent all day at the vet while they ran a Barium series that included 6 x-rays. They also gave him IV fluids since he was so dehydrated. The vet decided that there's a 75% chance that it is indeed the half of the cheese stick wrapper that is stuck in his stomach and causing his pain. So he sent Bison home with meds for me to give 3x per day that will hopefully help him pass the plastic rather than having to go in surgically. The vet said that it would help if Bison could eat some of the soft, bland food he had sent home with us yesterday. However, Bison still refuses to eat anything. I even warmed it up and mushed at all up ... nothing.

Did you know you can give dogs Pepto? Yeah, you give them a child's dose and it helps to calm the lining of the stomach just like in humans. The vet said I could give Bison some to ease his stomach cramping and help it relax so that maybe he could eat and help pass that wrapper. So I tried. A big pink mess later, I think I managed to get most of it down him and the rest of it on me. Gross. It has seemed to help, though. No throwing up since, so far.

I'm nervous about the rest of the weekend since the vet is closed until Monday am. I really hope that this medicine works and that we won't need surgery. That would really stink.

Here's a picture of him when I brought him home:

He's actually doing a little better and was up walking around toinght. He hadn't done that all day, according to the vet! Maybe it's just good to be home!

Assuming everything goes okay through the weekend, we'll go back in Monday am to see how things have gone. (Hopefully they've gone all the way out by that time!)

Okay, I've had my sob story about my dog. Those who choose not to own pets, please choose to use self-control and refrain from comments like the one you're all thinking, "That's why I don't have pets!" It's okay for you to think that, but to say it ... well ... it might just hurt my feelings. However, my Discover knows you have a point!

PS John's doing great. He's a little sore, of course, but he did head out to the men's retreat this evening. Amazing!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Doctors, Dentists and Vets

We've been to all three in two days.

Nothing too serious ... at least not yet.

Johnathan had a re-check on his ears since his ear infection a couple of weeks ago. We're free and clear in the ear department!

John had his top two wisdom teeth taken out this morning. He's such a trooper! He did it with only local anesthesia and even drove himself home. He did have to go back this afternoon to have them pack his "holes" because the bleeding hadn't stopped all the way. And he has the mens' retreat this weekend to lead singing at! I'm off to the store soon to buy jello, applesauce and pudding. :)

Bison had been moping all morning and wouldn't touch his breakfast--VERY unusual. He didn't even try to lick me or jump up on me when I bent down to pet him. Again, very unusual. I did find half of a cheese stick wrapper on his bed this morning, so it's possible that either the other half or the cheese stick or both are somewhere in his belly. I decided to take him to vet when he was trying to lie down and would just yelp because he couldn't get comfortable. He's been trying to sleep sitting up ... he's almost fallen over a few times, which would be funny except for the whole "being sick" thing. So, we saw the vet who basically said he didn't know for sure, but gave him an anti-stomach cramping shot and some soft, bland food for Bison to try to eat to "get things moving along." He said if it was just plastic, that it wouldn't show up on an x-ray, so thankfully we didn't have to do that. We'll re-evaluate tomorrow.

As far as I know the females in the household need no medical attention at this time. :)

Life is always exciting!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Three posts in one day may be a bit excessive, but being gone a whole week with no Internet access really threw me off! I had a lot of catching up to do. You should see my house--yikes!

We had a blast in Branson. It was our little family, Mom, Kreg and Keleigh. We sure missed Bryan and Kristi! We saw four shows, went mini-golfing, go-carting, did lots and lots of shopping and did Silver Dollar City. Mamaw and Papaw came up to join us for Thursday and Friday. I was so glad to see them!

Here are a few pictures from the trip. Thanks to Keleigh for taking lots and lots of pictures. I stole a few off her facebook!

It was good to be gone and good to be home. Thanks, Mom, for a fabulous Spring Break!

The Many Faces of Supper

I may be overdoing the slide show thing a little, but is sure is faster than uploading a ton pictures. Plus I can show more pictures than I could if I did them one at a time!

Anyway, Kalleigh was having a blast eating her cereal last night and has started making a couple of new faces. I had to snap away. She kept us in stitches!

I had the flash off for a couple of them ... oops.

Holy socks

I had a flashback the other day. I had been on my feet all day getting the house and dinner ready for company that night when I realized that I had two huge holes in the heels of my socks! That's when the flashback occured. I flashed back to when I was a kid wondering why in the world Mom's socks always had holes in the heels. It took this many years to finally realize that the reason was that she litereally worked her socks off! I was so honored to join my mother in the group, "Women Who Work Their Socks Off." I even had to take a picture to document this momentous occasion:

And then I was a little embarrassed that this was the first time this had ever happened to me. Anyway, here's to the women who work their socks off! May it happen to me again ... I guess that's up to me. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Johnathan's turn

Okay, okay. I know I need to post some Johnathan pictures. It's just a lot harder for me to get him to be still long enough to snap a few! Here's my attempt:

See you in a week ... we're headed to Branson!! Happy Spring Break!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

5 Month Slideshow

This is my first ever attempt at a slideshow. I've been inspired by Daisha to do this for quite some time now. Fingers crossed everyone!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ZOE, Lubbock

The Lubbock ZOE conference was just great. I was so impressed with the facilities and new building of the Monterrey Church of Christ. Quite state of the art! John did the worship ministers track and I did the worship planning/praise team tracks. We came back refreshed and filled with new ideas! Johnathan loved ZOE Kids and didn't want to go home.

The theme this year was Closer. We all think, yeah, we need to go to ZOE this year to get closer to God. Jeff Walling put it this way: "'Closer' is not your verb!" He then went on to take us through the Bible from God walking with Adam and Eve in the Garden, and then they sin and become far away from Him. Then God comes close again and chooses to dwell in the tabernacle, but the Israelites turn their back on Him over and over and are far away again. Then God says, "Here, I'll become one of you," and sends Jesus to walk the earth once again. And they crucify Him. And we are apart again. And then God decides not only to dwell with and around us, but also IN us. So, it's not us getting closer to God as much as it is us realizing that He's with us all the time!

Johnathan's been asking questions about where God is. We've been telling him things like, "He's everywhere," and "He lives in our hearts," and things like that. So, last night as I was putting him to bed, this is how our conversation went:

K: Are you ready to talk to God?
J: Where is God?
K: I bet you know where He is! Where is God?
J (grinning): He's in my heart!
K: That's right!
J pauses, thinking, and then his eyes open big with sudden realization: He's walkin' around in there!
K, holding back the explosion of laughter: He is?!
J: Yeah! And when He comes out, I want to hold Him!

Dead serious. It was very sweet, and I had no response to that.

Praise God for His patient persistence to be Closer!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


John and I go to the ZOE Conference in Nashville every first weekend in October ... except for this past year because that was the weekend Kalleigh was born. John went, instead, to another worship conference in Florida back in November, but he said it wasn't nearly as good. So we're STARVED for a good worship conference! We are so hungry that we're even willing to go to Lubbock, TX for a smaller of version of the ZOE Conference. So we leave this afternoon for a long weekend of drinking in and filling up with some seriously good spiritual food. Thankfully the Living Water is better than Lubbock water.

Have a good weekend!