Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just Penny's

This morning, I took Johnathan with me to the Brookshire's wildlife museum and park. Main reason? It's free and got us out of the house! I also needed to go by JC Penny to pick up some towels for a wedding gift, but since it didn't open until 10:00 am, we hit the park first. Johnathan loves the museum. It's small, but jam packed with all kinds of stuffed wildlife. We have fun "walking slowly" and trying to name all the animals. After we get done with the museum we go to the park, just outside. It's the best park in town, in my opinion (which is all this blog is) because it is fenced in and kept super clean! With the museum right there, the bathrooms are indoors along with water fountains and vending machines. We spent about an hour there.

Then we headed to JC Penny, which of course, I call Penny's. Incorrect, I know, but that's where I told Johnathan we were going. We got in, bought our towels, passed all the other incredible sales, and started to head home. Being a good wife, I called John to tell him about my purchase. Johnathan said, "Who ya' talkin' to, Mommy?" I said, "I'm calling Daddy to tell him that we spent some money." Then he said, "No, Mommy, not money--just Penny's!"

Hee hee. Smart kid. :)


Aunt Laurie said...

He IS so smart! Don't you love seeing how their brilliance develops?? Better watch out, he may give you a "run for your money"! :)

John & Kisti said...

I love your blog! Your so creative! I'm doing good to get the pictures put on mine:)
Johnathan is adorable! I love keeping up with him through your stories! I'm not wanting Maren to get bigger, as I just love this baby stage. Although your blog makes me realize that they are so fun at each and every stage!

Kristi Petrak said...

Just penny's, huh? Is that an excuse to buy more stuff? I have to try that with Bryan...^_^