Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Maternity Photoshoot

I had the opportunity to have a free photo shoot this past Saturday! Here's the story of how that came about.

I finally sold my cowboy crib bedding that I had used for Jonas. Yea for Craigslist! So, I was on Craigslist deleting my post when I noticed another post that said, "Free Maternity Photo shoot: Email me and I will choose 2-3 people from the responses." Uh-huh. What was the catch?

Very hesitantly I responded with an, "I'm interested, but I need more details. People don't just give away free photos without wanting something in return." My guard was up big time! She responded saying that she knew it sounded strange, but she really was just building her portfolio. She had plenty of wedding, engagement, senior, family and kid pictures, but no maternity, and she needed some for her website. She then said she'd add me on Facebook and we could go from there.

I got her friend request and looked up her information before accepting! Turns out that she is married to the son of the preacher of the Lindale church of Christ just 10 miles north of Tyler, which is where they also attend! Immediately my guard dropped. We were sisters!

We scheduled the shoot for Saturday morning when the weather was supposed to be mid-fifties. However, as so often happens, the forecast quickly changed to snow for Friday and highs in the low 40's for Saturday! Of course we were supposed to shoot early in the morning, so it ended up being 25 degrees! Brrr! At first, I was tempted to reschedule, but then I thought about how special it would be to have the memory of the snow in East Texas as I approached Kate's due date. I'm so glad we went ahead and took the pictures!

The photographer's name is Shanna-Kaye Fancher, and she did a really nice job. As Shanna-Kaye and I were talking, I learned that she is the oldest of 10 children, had been married a few years and is expecting her first. She asked where I was delivering. I told her I would be delivering at the Labor of Love Birth Center, and she said, "No way! Me, too!" I've never known anyone else personally who had delivered there! What a neat connection we had. To see some of her other work, you can visit her website.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Sunday marked 37 weeks. Won't be long now!

Location:Tyler Railroad Yard