Friday, December 31, 2010

A series of pictures and the stories that go with them

Long ago, like November, Kalleigh had her Thanksgiving feast. This is her little class singing their turkey song. (Kalleigh's all the way to the right.)

They feasted in the traditional way with turkey, pumpkin pie and KoolAid Jammers.

If we have an hour or so to kill in town, many times the kids and I will go to Barnes & Noble to "read books." Here we are with the kids' favorite "books."

One morning, we were about to get in the car on our way to school when Kalleigh tells John that her tummy hurts. Overhearing the comment, I very sympathetically rolled my eyes and said, "Don't worry. You'll be fine." John, however, decided to grab a big plastic bowl and put it in her lap. As we pulled into the school parking lot, the bowl served its purpose and only a little vomit got on her cute outfit. This picture was taken on our way home. She slept the rest of the morning and felt much better that evening!

We had our Christmas church family dinner again this year. The kids gave a little program, we introduced our new Children's Minister (yea!), and even Santa showed up for the occasion. Jonas's smirk in this picture cracks me up!

And finally, a series of pictures that I took in hopes of capturing the essence of the children when there are only three. Probably the next series of kid pictures will include Kate! Only a few tears were shed in the taking of these pictures. :)

"Ring around the rosy!"

This was the one I ended up handing out to family at Christmas. Happy Holidays!