Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Hard Day

When you lose someone, you start reflecting on your own life and your relationships. I've been doing a lot of reflecting today.

John's aunt, Martha's sister, died this morning. She was older and it was not unexpected. But it has caused me to think of my own sister and how much I love and appreciate her, even in all of our many differences! I can't imagine losing Kristi, and so I feel for my mother-in-law. To make it more difficult for her, she is the Harding Lectureship Coordinator ... and Lectureship begins Sunday. Please pray for her and the decisions she will be making over the next couple of days.

Jan Jones also went on to be with our Maker early this morning. My heart breaks for Craig, Rees and Elaine. Jan fought a six month battle with pancreatic cancer before it was finished. One of my great joys is playing the piano at home to relax and relieve stress. I wouldn't be able to play at all if it weren't for the three years I spent as Jan's student! Then, she accompanied me for a couple of different auditions, and was always so complimentary and encouraging! And we had fun "cutting up" during Spring Sing rehearsals as she worked with the hosts and hostesses. It's so hard to believe that she's gone. I can only imagine the applause of heaven as Jan finished her grand concert before God!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Kalleigh and Abigail were born two weeks apart. Abigail's mommy and I shared the joys and pains of carrying our little girls and grew to be close friends through it! I am thankful to have such good Christian friends as these!

Plus it's just really fun to watch the girls play together ...

Abigail is so much taller than Kalleigh (big surprise)!

Soft hands ...

Sharing a book.

Best buddies!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

We have a walker

She's definitely walking. Kalleigh has been standing up from the ground on her own (not just pulling up) since 9 months. She has been taking a few steps at a time for maybe a month now. But it's finally starting to click that this could be a more efficient mode of transportation. She is realizing that she can carry things around in her hands (rather than her mouth!) when she walks. And she's doing it more and more without encouragement.

This is early for us. Johnathan didn't walk until 14 months, and it was even after that that he learned to stand up from the ground on his own.

I think she's definitely trying to keep up with Johnathan!

I don't have video proof of the walking yet, but here's a picture of Kalleigh on the day she learned to stand (about 2 months ago):

Did you see that, Mommy?

She is up to 6 teeth; all four in the front and the ones just to her left on the top and bottom. She's a little lop-sided right now!

Tomorrow I'm watching our friend's little girl who is two weeks younger than Kalleigh. I should have some good pictures from that play day!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Story for those just beginning to read ...

That's about where I am mentally today!

I rode my horse today.
His name is Gallant.
I put his saddle on.
I put his bridle on.
I took him into the round pen.
Gallant worked on obeying me.
He kicked high in the air when I was not on him.
He was like a bucking bronco!
Then he calmed down.
I was a little afraid to ride him after that.
But I did.
We walked by the side of the road.
Gallant was afraid to go across the bridge.
I got off and led him across the bridge.
I got back on him.
He was afraid of the cars.
He was afraid of the cows.
He was afraid of many things.
I was afraid, a little.
But he never kicked high in the air when I was on him.
Gallant wanted to trot.
I wanted him to walk.
We walked ... most of the time.
We rode back to the barn.
We were both safe.
I love my horse.
I think he loves me, too.

The end.