Sunday, August 06, 2006


I'm not sure when it started. Maybe high school? I'd see one and all I could think of is when I could get one. But not in college. They don't allow those kids of things in the Harding dorms. And not right after we got married. We were renting a townhouse, and the landlord would've found out for sure. You can't hide that sort of thing.

And then I'd think, "The wrinkles, the snoring, the clean-up ... maybe it's not worth it." But my longings would get the best of me and I'd be thinking about it all over again. We moved to CO, and I began thinking about it almost everyday, and then sometimes wanting it several times a day. It was consuming me.

I brought it up to John, and we discussed it in every detail. Why did I want this so badly? After awhile of serious discussion, John finally said, "Kim, you're gonna have to face it: You're addicted to pugs!"

And it's been like that ever since! We have two pugs, Bison and Belle. We're true Harding grads, I know. (Belle is after the Bell Tower.) They snore, shed and Bison even sings ... sort of. :) They are not, however, two more children. We do draw the line somewhere. They are even learning to take commands from Johnathan these days!

I have often wondered if I would consider getting another kind of dog, and I think I might be interested in having a bulldog at some point. But it would be hard to pass by those little puggies in the window! Here's a scrapbooking LO I did a few days ago. I scraplifted it from an article in the August Creating Keepsakes magazine. That one's Belle at 7 weeks. Yikes! We were both little!

You can't really see the "P" below the picture, but it is an epoxy sticker on top of a metal charm.

Then here is a recent picture of Bison. Talk about your big brown puppy dog eyes!

Note: Anything quoted of John has been adamantely denied. :)


elizabeth said...

What a cute layout. You're so good at that! It's been too long since I scrapbooked. I miss it.

Cute picture, too!

The Sheets said...

Man, Kim! If I'd known you had a pug thing when we were living in that Townhouse, I would've helped you hide it from the Isoms. I went through a pug-phase, but wasn't able to get one.

Now, I'm just hoping that my non-dog-loving husband will let us get a puppy when we are finally able to get a house.

And I totally dug that photo lay-out.