Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yes, I did fall off the earth.

At least that's how I've felt. Let's see. Not a single post since 11-1? Yikes. I'm letting down all my fans ... I know. :)

Well, Kalleigh is now 7 weeks old. She's holding her head up most of the time, but still not her torso very well, so the Bumbo isn't doing us much good right now. Maybe in a couple of weeks. She is smiling, though, which is just so precious:

This is from 5 weeks old. Gotta love all that baby acne!

Her diaper rash is just awful, though. We've tried everything we can think of and it gets better and then gets worse, better, worse, etc. Let's see, Desitin, Butt Paste, A&D, Johnson's, Balmex, Aquaphor, Aveno, Arbonne, no diaper, more baths, and even a prescription from the doctor. It's not bleeding, thank goodness, and it does get better every so often. I'd welcome any other suggestions you have.

Johnathan is still adjusting to life with shared attention. Here's what he was doing one evening while John was cuddling with Kalleigh:

Our little performer. I don't know where he gets that. :)

I'm not sure it worked, though:

I always have to throw in a Johnathan story, so here's one from yesterday:

Johnathan was talking about the giant from Jack & the Beanstalk and how scary he was. Then mean ol' mommy, in a scary voice said, "Fee, Fie, Foh, Fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman!" Johnathan's eyes got big. Then he pointed across the room and whispered, "He's over there!"

I got to be a single mom all last week while John went to West Palm Beach, FL for a worship conference ... bless his heart. Man, I don't know how single moms do it all the time!! It certainly made me much more aware of and appreciate the single moms of the world. I'm going to make a conscious effort to do what I can to help more single moms out. I had a lot of help from church friends last week, and I was so thankful for it! Plus, the Lord blessed Kalleigh with good nights all that week. Her first stretch of sleep each of those nights was 5 or 5 1/2 hours! Amazingly enough, the nights since John has been back have been pretty awful. Last night, at least one of us was awake the entire night. Oh, except from 11 pm to midnight ... I think all of us were asleep then. **sigh** It's still worth it ... right?

We're headed to Searcy tomorrow for Thanksgiving. What? John doesn't have to be at church Wednesday night? Well, Glenwood does Thanksgiving church on Tuesday night--Brilliant! We're looking forward to spending Tkgvg with Mom and Mamaw and Papaw. Both Kreg and Kristi will be in Italy, but we will do our best to eat all the turkey and pies without them. ;)

I'm also really excited b/c Daisha and JR will be in town with little Gideon. I can't wait to meet him! And JR, too, of course, but we know who the real star is. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trunk or Treat

Yea! Pics are working! Man, when it works, it works great! When it doesn't work ... yeah.

This was a new phenomenon for us since we lived in CO for the past 5 Halloweens and it was usually SNOWING on Halloween and all Trick-or-Treating activities were done inside. We loved going Trunk-or-Treating at Glenwood this year! The weather was beautiful. Here are a few pics:

"Mommy! A scary spider! I want to touch it!"

A Texas Halloween ... *sigh*

Mommy & Pun'kin

I've sorted the "good candy," anything dark chocolate, from the "other candy," uh, everything else, and am enjoying a dark chocolate treat every now and then. :)

Glad to hear that so many of your trick-or-treating went well. Loved seeing all of your pics!