Friday, September 29, 2006

Teaching His Students

One of Johnathan's favorite books right now is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Bill Martin and Eric Carle. I caught him reading to the dogs and thought it was too cute not to get a couple of pictures! The dogs are always so tolerant. :)

"Bison! This is a purple cat!"

Nope, not wearing clothes again ...

I think this is another attempt to hang on to any ounce of control he may still have before Kalleigh gets here. This, thank goodness, is a very positive expression of control! His other "expressions" (drawing on the chair, taking the fabric softener cup out of the washer, putting Wal-Mart bags in the washer ... as the clothes are washing, hitting the neighbor boy) from TODAY have been, well, less than positive. I admit I'm a little nervous about his behavior when we bring this baby into our house who "won't go home!" However, there is hope, for his Bible class teacher told us that during play time, he got a baby doll, wrapped it in a blanket, sat in a rocking chair and started singing to it. The teacher asked him if that was his little sister. He said, "No, it's my Baby Kalleigh!"

My, how I can relate to my son, though! It's so hard for me to give up control or to function in a situation where I don't have complete control. I might not draw on the chair, but I might close up and choose not to talk to people and wallow in my self-pity. At least I can control that environment! But as John and I can see the big picture of the changes that are about to happen to our family, God can see how each change in our lives plays into His plan.

Teach me, Father! Thank you for allowing me to be Your student. Help me to listen, not only tolerantly, but willingly, with an open heart so that I, too, can understand Your plan more fully!


Tiffany Rose said...

I like how he's up in the puppy's face.... i feel like doing that to MY students too! :)

Cheryl Cash said...

What a cute boy...and cute puppies too!
I loved your scrapping pages as well (previous posts). There is such an artist in you...not just musically. Truly beautiful work!