Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Papaw Update

I'm still in AR, and so glad to be here. The kids and I are really missing John, though!

The latest is that Papaw isn't able to keep anything down anymore. They took him off the tubal feeding (TPN) completely yesterday, but after having thrown up twice since then, the dietitian has recommended that he go back on the TPN as soon as possible. He's just not getting the nutrients that he needs when he can't metabolize his food. Of course, he feels better after he throws up, so again, we look for the positive. The doctors were really hoping to send him home without the TPN, since it's such a hassle, but it looks like he'll need to hang on to it awhile longer.

Speaking of sending home, they're still saying possibly Friday, but we're not holding our breath. Another good thing is that they are talking now about "upping" his first chemo date. No dates have been thrown around yet, but I really thing moving it up is a very good idea. The tumors are what are causing the pressure in the intestines which causes his food to back up. If the chemo can reduce the size of the tumors in that area, perhaps he will be able to finally get off the TPN and eat normally.

I am planning on spending the night at the hospital maybe tomorrow night. Like Elizabeth said on her blog, I think just being there with Papaw will be good for me! There are probably more benefits for me than there are for Papaw!

Johnathan and Kalleigh have had up and down days on this trip, but have been mostly good. Yesterday afternoon while we were with Papaw, Johnathan said to Papaw, "I'm sad that you're not feeling good. I'm sorry, Papaw, that you're not feeling good. I wish you could get better, and then we can play!" We were there this morning, too, and we were discussing lunch plans. Johnathan said, "You want to go eat lunch, too, Papaw?" Papaw said, "I'm probably going to need to stay here for awhile. You'll have to eat my catfish for me!"

And I love to watch Papaw and Kalleigh interact. Her face lights up when she sees him and she waves with enthusiasm!

Johnathan hangs on Mamaw's words as she describes a bird from a National Geographic magazine!

We're looking forward to seeing Pat and Deborah tomorrow! I'll keep you posted ...


Jeff Christian said...

Kim, you and your family and especially your Papaw are in my prayers.

Aunt Donna said...

Great pictures, Kim! Looking at Papaw, you wouldn't even know he was sick!

Deborah said...

I love this. SO good to see you guys.