Sunday, July 15, 2007

Amazing people

Some people are just amazing.

I said in my last post that I was looking forward to going to Bible class that night. In class I mentioned Papaw and the struggles we're all going through and just said that I wished I could be there in AR to be with him and the rest of the family. So Thursday, one of my friends from class called and said that I had just really been on her heart. She knew I wanted to be in AR, and she wondered if she could do anything to help make that happen. Then she just asks, "Can I take you there?"

I was floored. I said, "You would drive me to AR?" "Well, yeah!" So I made a few phone calls and we agreed to leave the next morning and meet Kreg in Texarkana.

Not only did Lori drive to Texarkana and back with nothing but a lunch stop, but she also had her three boys, 6 and under, in the car with her! I should also give due credit to Kreg for agreeing to make the drive as well. Thanks to Lori and Kreg for making it possible for the kids and me to come back up for this next week!

We arrived in Searcy and went straight to the hospital where Papaw was eating supper. He's on a strict liquid diet, but what he's eating does seem to be passing through--a definite improvement over the last couple of weeks. Aunt Donna was there when we got there and a little while later, Deborah and her boys came in as well as Chad and Elizabeth and their kids. It was a full room and probably a little overwhelming with six kids, 6 and under, but it was so good to see everyone!

Caleb, Kalleigh, Johnathan, Carter, Ashlyn, Joshua

The latest update is that we have a plan now for the chemo. Tomorrow, Papaw is going to have a CT scan to check his lungs for any cancer spots. Then two weeks from tomorrow will be his first chemo treatment. It seems that the oncologist and the surgeon are not quite in full agreement on how soon they should start, so the two week mark seemed to be a compromise. At least we have a plan.

This morning we had church in Papaw's room, led by Uncle Randy. We focused on the different characteristics of God and had a chain prayer with each of us thanking God for specific characteristics that meant a lot to us right now. It was very moving, and I did okay until it got to Papaw. There's just something about hearing Papaw pray ... he is such a soldier and is and always has been faithful to God. What an example! What a hero! I let the tears of love and appreciation run down my cheeks.

Here are a few pictures from this morning. I'm sure I'll have more through the rest of the week!

I had flashbacks of Papaw teaching me shaped notes!

I think Mamaw got in some good snuggle time!

We miss John SO MUCH, but it's also so good to be here.


Nicole said...

Kim, still praying for your family. What a blessing that you get to be with your family and make such wondeful memories, even thought it's a time of worries and concern. Sometimes that is what family is all about; just loving and laughing and making memories.

Stephanie said...

Wow! What a wonderful friend Lori is to drive you up to Searcy so you can be with your family! It's wonderful to see friends reaching out during times of need. I will continue praying for your family

Cristy said...

I'm so glad you were able to come be with your family. We just love your grandparents to pieces and know how much support your family can bring at a time like this. Your grandparents are very dear to Mark's family and Janice has been very concerned. I had surgery a few weeks ago so haven't been able to go to the hospital but Mark's made it a couple of times. I hope you have a wonderful visit. Maybe we'll see you while your in town.

Cristy Farley

Aunt Donna said...

Kim, I get home and you already have pictures from this morning on your blog. Thank you so much! We did have a wonderful morning, didn't we? I told Mike it was pretty neat that with only family there, we had four part harmony and everyone knew every song. What a heritage! Love you and have a good rest of your visit.

Megan said...

Kim, our family is praying for you all. Your grandparents are such rocks. Thank you for your pictures. Family is such a blessing. I don't know if Deborah has told you, but Greg and I (and our 4 month old, Ana Grace) are moving to Tyler next month to work with Shiloh Road. They are part of our support for our future mission work. Maybe we can visit with you guys in the next 6 months. Your children are precious. Tell John I said hello.

Megan Bills McKinzie

Rachel said...

What an amazing memory! We will be praying for your sweet family!

Mom said...

There are tears in my eyes as I read your blog. I know the Sunday morning worship time was wonderful and I KNOW the singing was great!! Thank you for sharing the pictures so quickly!

I will see you Wednesday night. The conference ends on Tuesday AM, so I'm going to try to squeeze in MGM Tuesday afternoon.

XO, mom

elizabeth said...

I might just have to copy a couple of those pictures since I forgot my camera. It was so great to spend time together with you and your sweet little ones.

Sandi said...

What a wonderful act of love and service from your friend, Lori. Very special and makes me want to show love to my friends. Thank you for sharing.