Thursday, May 31, 2007

A few new pics

We're in another crazy spell and probably will be until July. I think we're in town about a week and a half in June! Here's an update:

The HA Chorus came through a couple of weeks ago and did a very good job. We kept Mr. Jones at our house. He was so sweet to play with Johnathan. Johnathan just loved it and is still asking when Mr. Jones can come play again! After Johnathan went to bed, we stayed up late visiting about just about everything and killed off a 2 liter of Diet Coke and 2 bags of popcorn! Now that's good visiting!

Thank you so much, Mr. Jones for spending that time with us and with Johnathan! You and Jan are in our prayers!!

Last weekend we drove out to Colorado Springs for PPCS graduation. The group of 8th grade girls that started the cheerleading program there with me was graduating. Such special ladies! We stayed with the Goods, Kreg's girlfriend's family. It was so fun to spend time with so many friends whom we hadn't seen in a year! Did I get any pictures? NO. I'm so bad about that. I know Keleigh was snapping pictures here and there, so I may steal a few from her when she gets hers up on Facebook!

John's mother comes in this afternoon. She's spending tonight with us and then heading over to Mineral Wells for Jared's graduation. (Jared is our nephew, Martha's grandson.) So, I'm cooking a really yummy supper. I'm going to try to imitate one of my favorite dishes at Mario's, Chicken Romano. I've pounded the chicken and am marinating it in Italian dressing now. I'm going to saute' LOTS of vegetables (red, yellow, orange and green peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini and squash!) in olive oil and yummy Italian spices. We'll have a salad and, of course, rolls. I should have time to make a strawberry pie today, too, but if I don't get to the whole pie, I'll do strawberries and crusties! Having company is so fun!

Kalleigh is really at a fun stage. It's that blessed stage when she can sit up, but can't quite crawl yet. She can play with toys by herself, but can't escape! She has her two bottom teeth now. I'm very glad that first teething stage is over! So, I'd better enjoy it while it lasts because any day now her legs are going to figure out the crawling thing, and life as I know it will change yet again! Her newest trick is "growing." I know I'm biased, but it's just too cute!

I grabbed few pictures of Johnathan and Kalleigh playing together this morning:

This is her weird leg thing she does. She does this when she's trying to crawl. I'm thinking she'll be one of those gimpy, one knee-one foot kind of crawlers!

It's so hard to get them both to smile! Johnathan's like, "Another picture?" and Kalleigh thinks I'm trying to get her to grow!

They're pretty good buds ... most of the time!

We fly out to Pepperdine on Monday for a sacred a cappella music symposium called Ascending Voice. It lasts Monday through Thursday, and then Friday, we're hitting Universal Studios! I promise to actually use my camera on this trip! I'm sure I'll have a CA wrap up post when we return.

Until then!


Deborah said...

Great post! Thanks for the update. Have fun at Pepperdine--it's the MOST beautiful campus ever.

Mom said...

Wow! What a busy -- and fun -- life! The children look so sweet playing together!

That's not a "weird leg thing" in this Nana's opinion. It is clearly muscle development for future running of the 100 m hurdles -- like her mom!

If the Chicken Romano turns out like you want you'll have to share the recipe!

I got the trip low down from Mr. Jones at Bible study last night. We were happy to have him back in Searcy to lead the singing!

Mamaw said...

Beautiful pics Kimbo. It is good to keep up with you this way. Love,

Daisha said...

What cute kids you have. And I agree... the "growing" thing is adorable.

Kristi Petrak said...

Whee-hoo! Looks like you've been having and will have more fun! Cool. Enjoy the rides for me! ^_^

cj said...

I had a great time at the Hodges house! and at the Glenwood church!

Sandi said...

1. Your kids are so cute! Chase hasn't even started with teeth -- I don't know what the deal is.

2. I'm so jealous that you got to spend time with Mr. Jones and have HA Chorus at your church! We had HU Chorus come through last year, and I kept Elaine and Alice-Ann at our house. Fun times! Fun to be on the receiving end, isn't it?!

3. Have fun at Pepperdine!!