Thursday, July 31, 2008

Top Ten: Your feet might be swollen if ...

10. There are no recognizable bones in them.

9. You are nervous about walking across the stiff grass because anything too sharp might just make them pop.

8. They resemble baby feet--taller than they are wide.

7. You laugh at high heels and wonder why any woman would subject herself to such torture.

6. Your toes look more like "Lil' Smokies" sausages than actual human digits.

5. They retain impression marks better than memory foam.

4. You look back at the floor where you have just walked and are thankful that there are not puddles of water than have squished out of your feet like a wet sponge.

3. The vericose veins on your ankles actually improve due to the extra support of the swelling of your feet.

2. You rest your foot on the floor and your toes do not touch the floor.

1. Your CROCS are tight.

Any others I've forgotten?

Oh, I would've posted a picture of my feet, but I would've had to wash the dirt off of them first, and that is just not worth the effort right now.


mom said...

My favorite 2 are "lil' Smokies" and memory foam! You were a July baby, so I remember this very well! Hang in there!

Aunt Donna said...

Prop your feet up and drink a glass of tea. Oh, and get one of the teens to come over and play with Johnathan and Kalleigh! :)

JRandDaisha said...

With Gideon, my feet looked like Fred Flinstone.

Thinking your feet were going to leave puddles... that's classic.

Hang in there. :)

Shannon said...

Thanks for the good laugh this morning! You are on the home stretch! :)

Amy said...

Oh Kim! Poor thing, I know exactly what you mean. I had no idea really how big I was until a week later when my legs returned to normal and they looked like sticks compared to before. I definitely had "cankles". And you got the hotter weather! I'm so sorry, but it will be over soon! Can you see the end of the tunnel yet?? : )

Rachel said...

Ooh, ooh--I win! MY feet are swollen! I'm pretty sure I fit all of those categories! :) I knew it was a lost cause when I tried to get sympathy for my swollen ankles/feet from Casey, and he said, "Umm... I don't really remember what they are supposed to look like anymore." Great.

Laurie said...

Bless your heart! You are too funny! Guess it's good that you can see some humor in it! :) Just a few more days & you'll be home free! Yea! I agree with your Aunt Donna! Get off those feet & take it easy! :) Good luck!

Nicole McIntyre said...

Your #1 is so true!!! Okay, so they are all true, but when experiencing tight Crocs depressed me....