Monday, February 19, 2007

Kreg and Keleigh

Kreg and his girlfriend, Keleigh, came down for the weekend. It was so good to see both of them! John and I put them to work right away! "Oh, you're coming to visit? Wanna babysit?" Of course they did! So John and I went out for a romantic dinner at "Bernard's," a French restaurant and our favorite "dress-up" date place. Thanks, Kreg and Keleigh, SO MUCH! It was nice to eat with both hands and without a child in my lap.

Saturday morning, we did the big breakfast thing and then mostly vegged throughout the day. We played Settlers (my very favorite game ... Keleigh won) and watched Star "Warses" 3 & 4. We tried to go see Gallant, but the wind was just nasty and the horses were a little panicky. We did see them, but did not attempt to ride.

That evening I attempted to cook tilapia just like cousin Tiffany, but even with Pam, the fish stuck to the indoor grill, and we ate what looked more like "fish bits." The lemon-butter-garlic sauce was very yummy, though! I didn't try the Asian one ... maybe next time. Thanks for the recipes, Tiffany!

Then Kreg and Keleigh went out for a late movie after the kids had gone down and John and I caught up on some our shows. Johnathan let Keleigh use his room and he stayed in our room. He did fine ... mostly.

They came to church with us the next morning, then hustled on over to Dallas to meet Dad for a late lunch before returning back to HU.

The fun thing for me with Kreg and Keleigh's relationship is that I knew Keleigh and her family from Colorado before she ever went to Harding and met Kreg. I coached her and her sister in basketball, and her dad was my assistant coach! I love you, Goods, and miss you a bunch! Anyway, when I found out she was going to HU, I told Kreg to keep an eye out for her and that they should at least go out once. I think his words were, "Hm. Okay." But what I interpreted was, "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I have a girlfriend." Big sis always knows best. :)

They are a beautiful couple inside and out. I REALLY don't want to pressure either of them, but it's no secret that Keleigh has my stamp of approval!


Tiffany Rose said...

and we all know that a big sister's "stamp of approval" is hard to come by sometimes... right Kreg! ;)

Deborah said...

What a pretty couple! And congrats on the evening out. Please tell me you didn't try to cut up John's food?! (Yes, I have actually done that once...)

I agree with Tiffany--a "stamp" from big sis is a huge thing.

elizabeth said...

I trust your stamp of approval...they are very cute!!

Aunt Kathy said...

Such a good looking picture! Of course the heart is what matters so much more. Try telling that to two young people! It is usually best to go by your sister's stamp of approval. She's loved you for a lot longer and she's actually becoming more and more like her beautiful mother every day! It's a good thing.

Mom said...

K & K report that they had a great time with you and Keliegh posted some really cute pictures on facebook. .... pretty funny story about Johnathan in church Sunday morning!

Counting down until spring break!

Kristi Petrak said...

great pic, Kim!! in more ways than one...^_^

glad you got to have date night--fun to get out with the hubby!!

Tiffany Rose said...

PS: So sorry about the Talipia!! Try it on a George Foreman. That's how I did it and I didn't have ANY trouble with it sticking!!!