Monday, February 12, 2007

"Back to" is a step forward

Part 1: Back to one vehicle.

We had our little black '03 Saturn Ion, which we loved. We also had a gold '01 Olds Alero that we liked when we purchased it this past summer to have as a second vehicle. It was tricky living 15 minutes from anywhere with only one car. However, two weeks after we bought it, it was in the shop. Then it would be out for a couple of weeks and then right back in. I think of the 8 months we owned it, 3 of those were spent in the shop. What good is a second car if you can't drive it?? That Alero was a money pit. And it was in the shop AGAIN last week, and this time it was probably a blown head gasket. They told us that we should get rid of the car ASAP. The problem with that was that we still owed more than we owned! (What a difference one little letter can make.) So, taking the advice of Mom, we "cut our losses and moved on."

We traded in both of our cars, using the equity in our Ion to pay off what we still owed on the Alero, and purchased a new silver '06 Dodge Grand Caravan with an extended warranty. I just can't attempt to drive cars that don't work. Neither John nor I know anything about fixing cars, so we just need one that is guaranteed to work.

I hear you. "You bought a minivan??" During this whole purchasing process, I kept remembering one of Elizabeth's blog entries ( about their decision to look for a minivan, and I just had to smile.

So, back to one vehicle, but it is one that will (1) work, (2) allow our family to grow and all ride in the same vehicle and (3) even accommodate other people riding with us. A step forward.

Part 2: Back to running ... okay, jogging.

I can no longer use my two favorite excuses for not jogging because I am neither pregnant nor am I recovering after having given birth. Next on the excuse list is I don't have enough, time away from my kids, and we don't have a double jogging stoller. Next is it's raining or might rain. Next is it's too cold. Next is I'm too tired. Lots of excuses.

But my neighbor, who also goes to church with us, came up to me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I ever did any running. Oh how I wanted to lie and say that I never really was any good at running. But I didn't lie, and said that I used to run in high school and college, and then up and down the basketball court with my girls in CO.

"So, are you going to start again once you feel up to it?"

A challenge. Great. Why can't I resist a challenge? Why am I so stinkin' competitive? I reply, "Oh yeah! I have to get this baby weight off somehow! "

"Well, let me know when you're ready, and we can go together!"

I'm searching for excuses ... "I have to watch my neighbor in the mornings, he comes over at 7:15, so it'd have to be pretty early," hoping she was NOT a morning person.

"Oh, that's perfect! [My husband] has to leave for work at 6:45 in the mornings, so I'd have to be back by then."

I'm stuck. "Oh, okay. Well, maybe we can start in a couple of weeks?"

"Sounds great!"

So, Tuesday morning I decided to try it out by myself before totally committing to this partnership. My first time jogging since last spring. I took Bison, the guard pug, with me and I made it around the neighborhood loop twice. A whopping 1.4 miles! Okay, I have some work to do.

Bison and I went again Friday morning and went around 3 times: 2.1 miles! ... and I nearly died, but I did it!

Sunday morning, I saw my friend and confessed that I had jogged a little that week and thought I was ready to jog with her on a regular basis.

"That's great!" she said. "So, you want to go tomorrow?"


And we jogged our 2.1 miles this morning. No excuses. Now I even have a good friend to hold me accountable. And I feel good today! A step forward. :)


Tiffany Rose said...

Way to go! jogging is such a good idea! I'm the BEST at making excuses though!!! :) OH and the whole minivan thing.... everyone has to go there SOMETIME.... just not ever ME! ha ha :)

Mom said...

You're not going to make us get up early at Branson while we are on vacation to go run, now are you?

Seriously, I hope you can keep it up. The women my age who run (or at least exercise regularly) are in the best shape.

Deborah said...

Congrats on the minivan. Okay, so I confess that I was born to be a minivan mom, but can I just tell you how much we have loved ours?! We got our Villager three weeks before Joshua was born and it is still running great today, with 145,000 miles on it! You will never want to go back to any other car again. I certainly don't.

Also, way to go on the jogging/running. It is so hard for me to get motivated to exercise too, which is why I found a really cheap gym membership. It's amazing how motivated I feel to exercise when I'm paying for it!

elizabeth said...

Congrats on the will love it and wonder why you were so against them before! Good for you for getting back to running. As I recall, you used to enjoy it. So, maybe after a little time, you will enjoy it again.

John & Kisti said...

Yeah for you! Getting back into exercising is hard. I went below my pre-prego weight this weekend! I was thrilled! My goal was 6 mo., and Maren will be 7 mo. tommorrow. Close enough for me. That's enough motivation to keep me exercising:)
I'm not sure about the mini-van, Kim, I always thought you were a hip mom:)...j/k! I think I'll remain an SUV girl!

Mamaw said...

Hey, Kimbo. Big news from you! I surely do hope the new wheels are just what you need and they last a long time. I can't believe it was a big decision for YOU to start running again. You have ALWAYS run--and a pretty sight it was. I can still see you flying through the air in the long-jump. Give everyone a big hug for me.

Aunt Donna said...

You'll be back into your running shape in no time. I can't believe the SECOND time out you went more than 2 miles. That's not "getting back into it" -- that's "being there already." At church we have a huge group getting ready to run the Komen Race for the cure in June. Can't believe I'm actually going to run, but that's the plan. I guess I've decided that some form of exercise is going to have to be part of my life forever! Sigh! It's so much more fun to cook and eat.

Kyla said...

I ran across your blog through Kristi's. I can't believe you wanted to lie about being a runner in high school. I remember running with the senior high as a 9th grader and trying to keep up with you. Hannah and Elizabeth told me to quit killing myself. Best advice I ever took! Hope all is well.

Kyla "Diles" Gentry

Kristi Petrak said...

Kim, you're competitive? Wait, I've only known that WHOLE life!!! I think you rubbed off on me, except that I don't have a younger sibling here to play games with and teach them the wrong rules! No, it's great you're running. You'll do great. Proud of you, Kim!! ^_^ Love you!!!

Kristi Petrak said...

oh, yeah, I'm never getting a mini-van, but it's great for your family of 4 and dogs. ^_^