Sunday, November 25, 2007


We had an amazingly uneventful Thanksgiving Day.

When Mom went back home after our dinner theater (more on that in another post) the weekend before TG, she took Johnathan with her! Then we were going to come up to Searcy on Wednesday to pick him up and to do TG with John's family. Mom was going to drive back home with us TG afternoon to sing with us at the mall the next morning at 7am (more on that in yet another post)!

Well, Kalleigh developed this really yucky cough, so we got her in to see the doctor Wednesday am, the morning we were supposed to leave. The cough was bad enough to warrant a prescription and instructions for lots of rest, and to watch the cough should it turn into anything worse. Since we were afraid that driving round trip to Searcy and back in 36 hours would not exactly be restful, and to try and prevent the symptoms from getting worse and possibly being contagious, we made the decision to stay home and let Mom bring Johnathan home when she came down.

We missed being with family, and most of all Johnathan, but I still think it was the best decision. And we missed out on the big TG meal, since I was not about to run out and buy a turkey to cook for the three of us! We did not miss all of the calories, though. :)

However, we did successfully rest for the first time in a long time! ALL of us rested. On the actual Turkey Day, we stayed in our pajamas all day until it was time to rehearse that evening. John and I made a pumpkin pie together (which is gone by now, of course) and for our "big meal" I pulled out some turkey lunch meat, some slices of provolone cheese and cranked open the can of cranberry sauce that I was supposed to take to Searcy. We drank Dr. Pepper and Fresca and finished off with our really yummy pumpkin pie. Needless to say, we did not get a lot of fabulous TG pictures because I'm sure that's just what you wanted to see--us in our PJs doing nothing. The only thing that I should have taken a picture of was that pie, because since I was making it for no one but us, it turned out beautifully, of course.

I am more thankful for rest this year than any other year. It has slowly but surely climbed its way up the priority ladder a few more rungs.

Oh, and I have a new first cousin-once removed! Congrats Chad, Elizabeth (esp. Liz for doing all the work), Carter and Ashlyn on the birth of Curtis Michael!


Rachel said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds fantabulous! I'm a little jealous of your restful pajama day. :)Hope Kalleigh is feeling better!

Stephanie said...

You know, it's okay to have a restful Thanksgiving. Get better soon Kalleigh!

Laurie said...

We so totally missed you guys, any yummy dessert you were going to bring & especially playing games with you but we are SO GLAD you all got some much needed rest! :)I truly don't know how you keep up with yourselves!
We had a great time with Johnathan while he was at Momo's for the day on Wednesday -- he is such a jewel--even if he didn't want to wear the "borrowed" pink coat when he went back to Nana's! :) Love ya!

mom said...

I hope both Johnathan and Kalleigh are feeling better. I still have laryngitis from our caroling marathon, but it sure was fun!