Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pictures please

Here are the only pictures I have taken in the month of August. We seem to have been so busy doing so little! Plus I never seem to have my camera when we need it. Like Kalleigh's first trip to the zoo. Or second. Or third. Oops. Johnathan jumping off the diving board for the first time(s). Rats.

So, like I said, these are the pictures I have taken. Hooray!

Johnathan's most commonly used phrase at this stage is "all by myself," and I've been trying to encourage him in that when it's appropriate. So here's what he picked out to wear to dinner a couple of nights ago. And he put it on "all by himself!"

The "back" view.

This is Johnathan's swim suit. He LOVES it.

Showing off "his" muscles.

Kalleigh's little swim outfit.

The front view. The tongue is always out these days feeling the new teeth coming in on top. She has her bottom front two and the top left and the one to its left all mostly in. The other top front one is just about to break through.

She's taking up to four steps now! But I had to snap this one for the tan lines she's developed this summer. I use 50 spf!


Aunt Donna said...

Those tan lines look a lot like your tan lines when you were little! Your kiddos are sooooo cute.

Stephanie said...

Cute pics! Thanks for sharing!

Laurie said...

Oh my word! What ADORABLE kids!!!! I LOVE that look on Johnathan's face in his swimsuit where he isn't flexing his muscles! :) Look out, girls! :)Kalleigh's tan lines look a little painful. :) But she looks so precious in that outfit! I sure miss them!!!

Mom said...

Great pictures of beautiful children! (Totally unbiased opinion) I love the superman swimsuit -- complete with muscles that float! I wish I could have seen him jump off of the diving board.

Aunt Donna is right, you ALWAYS had tan lines because you were outside every minute you could be as a child!

Deborah said...

I absolutely LOVE Johnathan's swimsuit. My Caleb would have a fit if he saw that in a store--he's all about "showing his muscles", complete with a man growl. I also love the outfit Johnathan picked out--a little hot for TX, huh?

I wish I could tan like Kalleigh.

hr said...

The kids look so adorable!

Aunt Kathy said...

Sweet babies! I enjoyed hugging and holding when we were in Arkansas this July.