Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One of those mornings ...

This morning was just one of those mornings. Crazy things that usually happen very rarely all happened at once.

First, I had gained 2 pounds. Nice.

Then, as I was getting a glass out of the counter, I bumped it on another glass and chipped that one. The glass shot out and landed in my hair and went down the front of my shirt. Thankfully, John was there to keep the children out, so there were no cut feet.

Yesterday I had made some really yummy mango bread -- recipe from Kristi--so I wanted to toast a few slices for breakfast. While the yummy bread was in the oven, Kalleigh started throwing a fit, so I tried several different things to calm her down. And then I smelled that horrible burning smell. Totally black. Ruined. I resorted to putting the next piece in the microwave.

I needed to feel better, so I put on some fun clothes with my favorite black beaded necklace and went to get Kalleigh dressed. As I sat Kalleigh down to put her outfit on, she grabbed my favorite black beaded necklace and ripped it right off. Of course it broke in the back, allowing all of the beads to roll down the back of my shirt, down inside my jeans and some even made it all the way into the underwear. Nice. The beads that didn't get caught in the underwear were all over the carpet, and Kalleigh started going after those. "JOHN!!!" Thankfully, he was still home and came running to get Kalleigh as I tracked beads across the house to take off the string that was once my necklace and to get the vacuum.

Ugh! And what time of the month is it? I bet you can guess. :)

"We'll all look back on this and laugh," right? Let's hope so! It was close to comical even this morning.


Sandi said...

Oh, goodness -- that does border on comical. What a rotten morning. I'm so glad that you documented it!

Laurie said...

WHY does it seem like we HAVE to have those days sometimes??????? Glad there weren't injuries! :)

mom said...

When you have days like this you can either laugh or cry, but some kind of emotion has to eeek out!

I'm glad you could laugh about it!

Tomorrow's a new day!

XO, Mom

Kristi Petrak said...

Kim, I gotta say, you just look GREAT. You are the cutest mother I've ever seen. Pictures of you make me think I could even do this mother thing okay. You are adorable! Sorry about your rotten morning. Everybody has them. Glad you like my bread. ^_^ Love you!

Tiffany Rose said...

should've been a "mommy sleeping in day" :)

Rachel said...

Yikes! What a not so good but comical morning! I would have to agree with Tiffany--a good sleep in day would have been nice. What would be nicer is if those were available to mommies!!

Aunt Donna said...

I thought maybe you were going to get to the end of the story and say -- "then on top of everything else, my pregnancy test was positive!" Tee-Hee!!!!