Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kalleigh's starting to sit up on her own!


Love those Boppys.

I'm starting to see what might be the first teeth budding. Her poor little gums are red and swollen, so it's kind of hard to tell. I gave her a washcloth that I had wet and put in the freezer. I was afraid she was going to eat the whole thing! She chewed it up until it was room temperature and then didn't want it anymore. You think she's teething?!


The Sheets said...

Kim- Kalleigh is adorable.

Tell John that the accapella arangement of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" on our blog was by Murray Ross from "Many Colors of Murray Ross". JR found it on iTunes.

Oh, and yesterday I was taking some Target brand Excedrin and I had a flash to our town-house. And it struck me that the medicine bottle was really yours. So I checked the expriration date: April 2000. And you know what... I took them anyway.

Deborah said...

Kalleigh is so cute! I'm sure yours was a rhetorical question, but I would say yes, she is definitely teething.

So glad your little Bison is better. Glad everything "came out alright in the end." (Sorry, I thought I'd add to your "punny" jokes in the previous post!)

Mom said...

She looks more grown up now that she is sitting on her own! I'm ready to see you all in a week!

Glad Bison is better. I know that makes you feel better too!