Saturday, July 11, 2009

Princess Day Out

This is one of those things I said I would never do. I did not want to promote entitlement or bratiness of any kind.

And then I had a daughter.

A daughter who loves girly things.

A daughter who one day will be in junior high and struggle with self-esteem.

A daughter who one day will be in high school and choose her own friends.

A daughter who one day will marry someone and will only love him as much as she loves herself (Luke 10:27).

And I decided that she needs as much esteem-building, reassuring, princess-feeling, lovin' and hugin' from her momma that she can get!

So today Mom, Kalleigh and I had a girls' morning out. We shopped at the mall and then saw that they were having princess makeovers! Kalleigh was star-struck as she saw Cinderella, Jasmine and Aurora walk around and taking pictures with the little girls. The makeover included a princess hairdo, tiara, bracelets, a ring, makeup, and a personalized purse! Here are some of the pictures, thanks to Mom having her camera!

Kalleigh and Cinderella -- before

Fixing her hair

A look in the princess mirror.

Princess hairdo.

Putting on her makeup.

The lady kept saying, "Look at her lips! They're such pretty lips!"

Princess Kalleigh!

Cinderella and Kalleigh -- after!

Kalleigh, I pray that you will know that you are God's princess with grace, wisdom and strength as your inner beauty! May your confidence and self-worth come from Him! He adores you!


Aunt Donna said...

Oh, this is like Bibbity-Bobbity-Boutique at DisneyWorld. How fun!! I want to take Ashlyn. (That's just an excuse for me to go too!)

Jina Hinson said...

I love your momma's prayer. She is blessed to have you as her mama.

Deborah said...

How sweet!

Jennifer said...


Tiffany Rose said...

Very cute! :) Check out the bling on the "princess ring" WOW! You go girl!

Kim said...

Great planning. As I remember you have always been a planner and a deep thinker. You will certainly reap the benefits of planning. She is a lucky girl.

Kristi Petrak said...

I love your blog!! Wow, so sweet! Those pictures are adorable, too. You will cherish these memories forever, and she wil love looking at those pictures!! Sorry about Belle. She will be missed. It's hard to lose a dog. Love you and wish I could see you more often! ^_^

Rachel said...

Oh, how sweet! I'm so glad you could do this with her (and that Nana was there, too!). I keep wondering how much of a "girly girl" I'm in for... :)