Saturday, September 08, 2007

Story for those just beginning to read ...

That's about where I am mentally today!

I rode my horse today.
His name is Gallant.
I put his saddle on.
I put his bridle on.
I took him into the round pen.
Gallant worked on obeying me.
He kicked high in the air when I was not on him.
He was like a bucking bronco!
Then he calmed down.
I was a little afraid to ride him after that.
But I did.
We walked by the side of the road.
Gallant was afraid to go across the bridge.
I got off and led him across the bridge.
I got back on him.
He was afraid of the cars.
He was afraid of the cows.
He was afraid of many things.
I was afraid, a little.
But he never kicked high in the air when I was on him.
Gallant wanted to trot.
I wanted him to walk.
We walked ... most of the time.
We rode back to the barn.
We were both safe.
I love my horse.
I think he loves me, too.

The end.


Tiffany Rose said...

great story! sounds like a good day.

mom said...

I'm glad you got to get out with Gallant today. It's good for Gallant and it's good for you too!

Deborah said...

No illustrations? I know a great literary agent in New York--you oughta submit this to her.

Amanda said...

Yes- we finally sold our house and we close this Friday, but the place that we thought we had to stay at while we were looking for our own house fell through. So- we currently are still looking for a place to go, a bit stressful but I know it will work out. :) I lioke the idea of being able to look at some different homes and choose another one.

Mamaw said...

Kimberly, I would love to see you ride Gallant. I know it is beautiful sight, and I am very glad you have that joy. Me? A horse just looked at me funny at about the age of 10 and I never got on another one. Actually, it was a little more than "a look".
I can't wait to see Johnathan and Kalleigh; and you and John of course!TeeHee