Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's Done!

We did it! We survived the GTWPMS praise session. (Isn't it interesting that an all women's event ends in PMS? Inevitable.) I didn't stay to hear Dee Brestin speak after the praise session because I wanted to get the kids home and in bed. Therefore, I have heard absolutely NO feedback from it. I haven't seen anyone yet who was there that evening! Makes me a little anxious. John talked to someone today who told him that my picture was in the paper today. I hope someone saves it for me--we don't get the paper!

From my viewpoint, the praise session went fine. Our rehearsal the night before the seminar was better, but I think it really was fine. When you're up front, you get to see everyone's faces, and it's so encouraging! I hope that the ladies could see the emotions I was feeling conveyed by my expressions. I hope that it was a sweet sound in God's ears!

In other news, Johnathan busted his lip wide open today. I took the kids to a play place today where the whole inside area is filled with those tunnels and tubes that kids crawl through, like at McDonald's. He had a blast working his way through the maze of tunnels! Until he found a section that was three round sections stacked straight up. There were holes cut in the bottoms so that you could get from one to the next. Johnathan got to them at the top and tried to go through the hole down to the second one. It was a long way down--farther than he anticipated--and he lost his balance and fell flat on his chin on that hard plastic floor! His top teeth slammed into his bottom lip and he bruised his chin pretty good. There was blood all in that section! I had Kalleigh strapped in the Baby Bjorn in front, but I took off into the maze until I reached my first baby. I basically had to pull him out because he was afraid to move. It was so sad!

Many paper towels and 2 ice packs later, we headed home.

His lip is nice and fat now, but it should heal fine. Poor baby!

And now, a short funny story:

A few days ago I heard Johnathan whining, so I went to check on him. He was holding his thumb. I think he had pinched it in his dresser drawer. He said, "Oh no! Mommy! My ..." he paused to think,"... flumb!" I had to laugh out loud.

Have a good week!


Jina Hinson said...

Congrats on the seminar, Kim! Glad to hear that all went well. Blessings on you for rising to the occasion and making it happen!

Love you,
Aunt Jina

P.S. Glad to hear that Johnathan didn't have to have stitches. Micah's confrontation with the asphalt outside during a neighborhood episode of "Kick the Can" resulted in 3 stitches. Not fun, but he was so brave! I hope Johnathan's feelng better soon.

Tiffany Rose said...

Poor baby! Sounds like Johnathan keeps getting beat up!

Sandi said...

I'm glad that it went well -- will look forward to hearing more details!

Rachel Cochran said...

Casey definitely had a fall like that when he was little, only his bottom teeth went through his lower lip. Count your blessings.... Casey still shows that scar with pride. :) haha

Autn Kathy said...

So glad your praise group went well. I know it was a challenge for you, but it sounds like you rose up to meet it with creativity and positive praise for God. Good job! Love you guys!