Monday, January 26, 2009

It's so quiet!

I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a prescription (for my ridiculous sinusitis!) and noticed how amazingly quiet it was in the store. At first I couldn't put my finger on the strange lack of noise, but as I got my cart, wary as I was because I ALWAYS get a bad one, I noticed that it was brand new! No large dents in the wheels, no gum or string wrapped around them, and remarkably clean! I looked around and realized that ALL of the carts were new. The silence was the lack of clanging carts or squeaky wheels! Who knew what a difference that would make? I actually had a pleasant shopping experience there, probably mostly because I kept marvelling at the quietness. Way to go, Wal-Mart!


Aunt Kathy said...

That's of WalMart carts. Makes me homesick!! Ha!

LePage Family said...

That is SO funny that you blogged about this...I noticed the exact same thing several weeks ago when I went. It was so quiet, it really made me feel less stressed! I second your "way to go Wal-Mart!"

Rachel said...

I DON'T LIKE those noisy carts either! I wish our Wal-Mart would invest in some new quiet carts! Glad you had a peaceful Wal-Mart trip!

Mom said...

My last shopping experience involved a cart that needed a front-end alighment! It pulled right so badly that I was actually pushing with my right hand and pulling back with my left. The logical thing would have been to go exchange it for a better one, but, no, I think "I can deal with this for a few minutes." My arms and shoulders were literally tired by the end of the shopping experience! (Patience is not always a virtue. Sometimes it is just not wanting to take care of a problem.)

This bothered me until I passed a lady pushing her dented-tire cart with its loud bump...bump....bump.
...bump. Bless her heart! (No matter what you've got...someone has it worse than you.)

Life lessons from a WalMart Cart. It's a funny thing to blog about! So many of us can relate!!


Aunt Donna said...

And then some of us don't have a Super Wal-Mart! :(