Thursday, June 26, 2008

Praying for Papaw

Hi blogger friends. Join me in praying for my Papaw like we did last summer when he went through his first chemo treatments. The cancer has been acting up again and these new 3-day treatments are pretty hard on his system, but seem to be working. He's been on tubal feeding for a few weeks now, so pray that he'll be able to eat on his own again soon. This is day two of his second 3-day treatment since the beginning of June. I visited with him some this morning, and he sounded pretty good! He said he was feeling better today, so we're grateful for that! I'll get to spend about a week in Searcy after the 4th of July, so I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with Mamaw and Papaw!

Thanks everybody. God is faithful!


Nicole McIntyre said...

He will certainly be in my prayers, as well as the rest of the family as you go through it together.

Kristi Petrak said...

Definitely praying, think it stinks that a man as wonderful as Papaw is going through cancer, and love you for doing this blog. Have fun when you're in Arkansas! ^_^