Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's for real now

All those cravings, all the time, that tummy bulge, the rapid mood swings, the overwhelming exhaustion ... and finally today I heard that heartbeat. I know it's my third and I half expected to just listen to the heartbeat and smile and go on home. But with each child, the first time I hear that precious little heart beat, tears just stream down my face (and into my ears, of course, since I lying down).

Now, I had figured my due date on, based on certain dates the we're all aware of, and BabyCenter came up with August 21. I'd be 10 weeks today. Well, I gave the midwife (What?? Wait ... I'll come back to that.) the same dates as I entered on BabyCenter, and she came up with August 12 and that I'm a little over 11 weeks along. Can it really be that different? I'm going to have her figure it out again when I go back.

Yes, I'm going the midwife/birth center route this time, and I'm so excited about it! I'm just ready to be in control of my own birth this time with out a needle and tether (IV) and WITH the actual people I know as opposed to nurses I've never met and an on-call doctor I've never seen. I don't want to be told not to push when I'm at a 10 and then have the doctor I've never seen fuss at me for having the baby before he got there. Yes, there are risks, of course, but the hospital is less than 5 minutes away just in case.

The midwife gave Johnathan a little plastic figurine of a 12 week old fetus to take home so he could see what the baby looks like right now. He was completely fascinated by it! It's fun since he understands a little more with this one than he did with Kalleigh. He talks about and prays for the "new baby" all the time!

So, I'm almost in the second trimester (maybe?!) and feeling great. Thanks for your prayers!


Sandi said...

YOU GO, GIRL! Does your decision to go with the birth center have anything to do with the fact that you had an (unplanned) natural birth last time and now you know you can do it? I'm just curious.

I'm so glad that you're feeling so well. We head in for our big ultrasound today...stay tuned...!

Shelley said...

I stumbled upon your blog through Daisha's. I am new to blogging but seem to really love it so far. I am so happy to hear you are expecting your third. How wonderful! We just had our second boy, Lawson Bradley, 2 months ago. He is quite a handful but I am so in love with him. I look forward to keeping up with you through your blog. May God Bless you and your growing family.
Love you,
Shelley Faulkner

mom said...

Ahhhh....the heart beat -- definitely a miraculous sound. Happy times!

Aunt Kathy said...

Congratulations on baby 3. How wonderful for all of you!