Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quiet waters vs. Living waters

I'm doing the Beth Moore study, "Beloved Disciple," about John. Granted, she can be a bit over the top at times and sometimes she makes a whole lot out of nothing. But she forces me to think and helps me thirst for answers and feel the need to drink in the scriptures for relief.

I got excited today thinking about her comparison of Psalm 23:2 ( ... he leads me beside quiet waters ...) with Revelation 7:17 ( ... he will lead them to springs of living water.). The imagery of the Shepherd is the same; leading his sheep, feeding them, protecting them, supplying their every need.

But I'm fascinated with the kind of water to which we are led: quiet waters vs. living waters. Now, Jesus is the Good Shepherd yesterday, today and forever. Why the different kinds of water? Aren't the sheep afraid of lively waters? The difference, I think, is this: Our Shepherd will only lead us to places we can handle. On this earth, we're going to need some quiet waters from which to drink. But hang on, because Heaven is a whole different story! It is alive! We'll get the good stuff there that we can't handle here!

One of Beth's points was that we tend to think that everyone will look alike and everything will be white, and everything will be completely and utterly monotonous. Why leave a life of excitement to go there? No, I think we're in for the ride of our lives. The way she puts it is that on earth, it's like riding the Teacups. But when we reach Heaven, it will be like going from the Teacups to the Rockin' Roller Coaster!

I'm so thankful that our Good Shepherd gives us exactly what we need, and that his timing is perfect! I can't wait to see with my own eyes what he has in store for us!

P. S. I love that Beth is from Arkansas. Her hilarious accent is impossible to camouflage no matter how hard she tries. It catapults me back to my growing up years in Searcy!


Aunt Donna said...

Great comments, Kimberly. And I have loved every Beth Moore study I have done too.

Brett, April, Caden & baby #2 said...

You wrote, "The Shepherd will only lead us to places we can handle." Sometimes I find myself asking Him to lead me to place I think I can handle. But there is always a part of me that finds comfort in knowing even if I think I can't handle it...God KNOWS I can. It's a reminder how much confidence He has in me as his daughter. This has come to mind often this past week with all our trials. I needed the Shepherd thought back in my head...thanks. ;)

Stephanie said...

The "Beloved Disciple" was the first Beth Moore study I ever did and it's probably my favorite! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Deborah said...

I love this idea! Beth Moore is so special. God has given her such a gift of communication and I'm so thankful she is using it for His glory. I'm on my fifth study of hers and I have loved every one.

Also, I love April's comment about how God knows what we can handle, even when we think we cannot.

What a blessing to read your blog this afternoon!

mom said...

I borrowed your "living waters vs. quiet waters" for Bible study last night. We are reading "The Sacred Romance" and that particular chapter was about living the story that God has us in. It is an adventure! Some times we get to drink from quiet waters along the journey, but more often than not I feel like the Lord is saying "Here take a sip from my water fountain. It's called Niagara Falls!!" The key to it all is fully trusting God with our lives -- much easier preached than practiced!

And, hey, there is nothing wrong with a little Arkansas accent!