Saturday, October 08, 2011

Well, this is embarrassing ...

My lack of presence in the blogger world is not because of how busy we've been, or because of any injury or illness, or because of technology issues. There is no good reason.

And y'all are just gonna have to love me anyway.


The summer was great. We didn't do just a ton of things. No camps or sports or even very many friend play dates. I really felt like a mother hen gathering all of her chicks under my wings and just spending time together. I think it's what we needed. It's what I needed, apparently! We did do lots of fun things together, so I'll try to highlight those.

Mamaw and Mom came down over Memorial Day weekend! We shopped and cooked and played. What could be better? But no pictures. :(

But HERE are some pictures from our family photo shoot on Memorial Day!

Those are my favorites!

Glenwood hired a new preacher! We are so excited to have Wes Crawford on staff. We are getting to know his family, and they are just precious. God had worked through this long process, and now, finally, we are seeing what He had been up to!

Here's Kate in here "little black dress":

So it's a onesie, but it was perfect for all occasions.

John's sister Laurie, and daughter Brenna, came for a visit In June! We enjoyed eating at Daniel Boone's (a cultural experience) and also Orange Leaf (better than TCBY).

Flat Stanley also made it into the picture. Johnathan did this project over the summer ... And the 2nd grade teachers haven't mentioned it yet. Guess Flat Stanley fell right off the priority list!

Johnathan turned 7! For his birthday, he took his friend Silas to LegoLand in Dallas. They boys had a great time, of course. We also learned our lesson (during the 2-hour line to get in) that it's best to arrive before the doors open!

Clearly Vocal finished up recording our one song over the summer! "Pulse," one of our originals, will be available on iTunes soon! Stay tuned for more info on that. And baby Camdyn was born to Andy and Stefanie. Kate and Camdyn get to spend a lot of time together at rehearsal!

Kalleigh and John went on a Daddy/Daughter date at Chick-Fil-A close to Father's Day. CFA came up with the whole idea. They had to make reservations and everything! There were roses on each table and a take-home goodie bag. What a great idea!

I'll just be posting random pictures of cuteness (RPC), too. :)

I had heard that the Moby wraps were the best in the world. I also knew they were quite pricy. Then I saw a lady wearing what I thought was one, except the material had a cute print. I asked her if it was a Moby, and she told me no; that it was $1/yd fabric from Wal-Mart and that she had looked up on the Moby website how to wrap it up! Brilliant! So I did the same thing. I also found that there are LOTS of ways to tie up a baby! Wait. That came out wrong.

This was a fun game. You freeze like this until somebody laughs. Good times. :)

Our big family trip was going to Colorado to meet Kreg and Keleigh's newest addition, Baby Tucker. Our trip overlapped Mom and Craig's trip out there, so it was fun to see them, too! We hit Estes Park for a day:

The cousins had so much fun together!

We conquered the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and met up with some friends from when we lived in COS! It was so good to see Amanda and Kisti and their children. Looks like everyone was busy since we left!

We also got to see Tiffany, Todd and River for a few minutes! We put the Curtis babies together as proof that we did actually see them! River, Tucker and wiggly Kate.


Later in July, the kids and I ran up to AR while mom had a little surgical procedure. I love this picture of Johnathan holding Nana's hand right out of surgery. He was reading her the story he wrote while we were waiting in the hospital. He's so sweet and thoughtful!

While in AR, we spent a day at the farm. Mamaw and Kate got some good snuggle time in! Mamaw also taught Johnathan a thing or two about playing Jacks!

RPC: Priorities :)

Johnathan is now in second grade, Kalleigh is in Pre-K and Jonas is in the 3-yr-olds class. Both Kalleigh and Jonas go to Little People's School MWF. Everybody is doing well!

Meanwhile, I use that time to run. Yes, I'm back at it again. It is just so effective for me. I'm already below where I was when I got pregnant with Kate. Not my littlest, mind you, but I'm on my way! Running is my "me time." time for processing, planning and praying. Alliteration intended.

The big kids are playing soccer this fall! They are both enjoying it. Yay!

Mom and Craig came down this past weekend to see the kids play. Craig was just 4 weeks out of open heart surgery, and looked GREAT! I was so impressed. They also brought down a bedroom set that they weren't using! So Kalleigh got a new bed. Not all of the pieces fit in the girls' room just yet with the crib and the changing table still in there, but we got the bed and the desk to fit! Kalleigh just loves it.

Mom and Craig got to hear Clearly Vocal perform on Saturday night, and then went with us to hang out at our favorite restaurant, Julian's, for John's 37th birthday! What a fun night!

RPC: Bath time!

Kalleigh's 5th birthday was Sunday. This was a "friends party" year for her, so we doubled up with her best buddy, Abby, and had a joint party at Jumpin' Jack's! They requested a ballerina cake, so Barbie was up to bat:

The girls had a blast!

And so did Jonas.


There is so much more, but this will have to do. Surely I won't go another third of a year without posting anything ... Surely.


Elizabeth said...

Yay for updates!!! I love hearing and seeing what you guys are up to. Looks like everyone is doing well. I sure hope I get to meet that sweet little Kate before too long...she is a doll! Take care!

Carol Jones said...

You HAVE been a little busy just taking care of the family! I was so glad that we got to participate in some of the fun! proud to be your mom... XO

Aunt Donna said...

Ditto Elizabeth -- Yeay for updates!! Some of the pictures (COS) I had seen from Keleigh's FB page, I think, but the others were new to me. Such fun catching up. I had to chuckle when you said "the big kids were playing soccer" -- I thought to myself, yes, they are big kids now. Hard to believe they are so grown up already. Loved catching up with you and looking forward to seeing your sweet family at some point this year -- hopefully!

Kara said...

Love all the pictures, and I'm going to have to try the freeze game with my kids. I can just see how much fun that would be.