Saturday, March 19, 2011

3 weeks

How in the world has three weeks gone by! Everybody says the same thing, but it's so true. It's so hard to imagine that Kate was still inside of me three weeks ago today.

We've had a very good three weeks. Of course Mom was here when Kate was born that Sunday, but then had to leave on Monday afternoon. John took off work most of the rest of that week, and that was really nice! Then Dad came over that Saturday, spent the night (after grilling some fabulous venison-YUM!) and went to church with us the next morning. It was Kate's first Sunday morning!

Dad headed home after treating us to lunch and then John's mother came that evening. I was grateful to have her help since that was the beginning of spring break! She stayed through Wednesday before heading back to Searcy.

The weather was absolutely fabulous during that week, so we spent a lot of time outside.

On Friday, we went to Faulkner park for a picnic! PER. FECT. WEATHER. I love spring time in east Texas!

Saturday night, the Deans kept the older 3 kids while John and I (and Kate) went on a date, courtesy of our friends the Rambins! Chelsea coordinated people bringing us food 3x per week all through March, and Saturday was her night, so she sent us on a date! What a great idea!

This week has been all about getting back into a routine and figuring out our "new normal." It's been both challenging and refreshing, frustrating and encouraging. Going from 3-4 kids really isn't that big a deal. It's having a newborn that takes all of your time whether or not you have any other kids in the picture or not!

Johnathan, Kalleigh and Jonas love "loving" on their little sister. Johnathan, my talker, uses his talent and just talks to her while he holds her! She is so content to listen to him. Kalleigh talks about how they will play together when Kate gets bigger and showers her with kisses. Jonas keeps asking to "pet Baby Gate," and so we have the opportunity to teach gentleness. :)

Last night Kate went with Clearly Vocal to restaurant night. She rode in her sling and did great while we sang for a couple of hours!

Today my Aunt Karla and cousin Alissa came to meet Kate. They had been staying at a bed and breakfast nearby and made some time to swing by! It was great to spend time with them. The boys got out of the house, so we had some good girl time.

Tomorrow will be the first time that John and I will get all four kids ready and to church by ourselves. We'll see how that goes!

We're looking forward to next weekend when my brother, Kreg, and his family come to visit as well as my mom and her hubby!


Jennifer said...

She's beautiful, Kim! Sounds like you're a pro! I'll be sure to come ask for advice when we get the ball rolling again! :)

Deborah said...

I cannot believe three weeks has gone by either! I guess it's true that the more you have, the faster the time goes.

Your pictures are so sweet!

Carol J said...

I love the picture of you with your girls. So sweet! I am eager to see everyone again this weekend!

Glenave Curtis said...

Kimberly, thank you for the beautiful pictures and comments. I am so eager to see you all.

Rachel said...

Ok, that last picture is cracking me up! :) I'm so glad things are going so well. What a crew!! And you're right--the weeks are absolutely FLYING by. I can't believe Logan just got his 2 months shots today!

Kristi Petrak said...

What a sweet post!!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful thoughts and pictures!!! :) Love you!!