Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm 36 weeks along with Miss Kate Evelyn and am entering the "Miserable Phase." It's all normal stuff, so I don't really have much room to complain, but each time I have gotten to this point in my pregnancies, I have remembered why I have no fear of delivery. I will do anything to be done being pregnant!

This pregnancy, more than any others, I have been humbly reminded how blessed I have been to have four healthy pregnancies with only one early miscarriage. During the past year I have had three friends from church with ectopic pregnancies, and two who have had to be on bed rest for a huge chunck of their pregnancies! Several other friends and even family members have miscarried as well. It seemed like a healthy pregnancy was the exception. I don't know why God allowed it to happen this way, but like I said, I have been so thankful for that.

I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow morning. It's hard to believe that we're already "checking" to see if I'm making any progress! This pregnancy has absolutely flown. In some ways it's hard to believe that February is just a couple days away. But then it also seems like it couldn't have gotten here quickly enough!

So I did the whole pink girl room thing with Kalleigh. It was adorable and I loved it, but I was ready for a change with Kate. Her nursery is zebra stripe and red! There are tons of cute baby girl zebra and pink things, but not many zebra and red, so I have improvised. My favorite nursery bedding set I found online was a mere $400, so that was a no-go. It did give me a place to start in my thinking and planning, though. Here are a few pictures of the finished nursery:

Crib, using red sheet from Jonas's cowboy nursery, white dust ruffle from Johnathan's Peter Rabbit nursery and zebra pillow I bought at Sears. :) The bear on top is the one we got at Kate's first sonogram that when you squeeze its tummy, a recording of her heartbeat plays! Also, you'll notice the diaper bag stuck in the crib for now, safe from the other children and dogs, and packed for the birth center.

Rocking chair with side table and Kate's name. The rocking chair is navy and pink ... yeah, that wasn't going to do, so Mom got me this incredibly soft throw to go over it! The table was a $5 clearance find at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's just particle board, and it's amazing what a little spray paint can do! I got the little lamp at Canton as well as the wooden block letters that I, again, spray painted and tied bows onto.

Close-up of Kate's name.

Wall art that I made with raw wooden pieces, again from Canton.

Curtain that my friend, Stefanie, made.

More wall art, made by Jonas (left) and Kalleigh (right) at Little People's School. I love what these add to the room!

And art on the left from an artist I have admired for three years at the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival. They remind me of my boys! And then the picture frame on the right that John's sister, Laurie, gave us. I'll put a picture of the girls in it when Kate gets here. The obligatory monitors sets safely up on this shelf. The ribbon is to hold that blanket that Terry and Cara Dean are making for me! Uh, for Kate, that is. :)

Oh, I forgot to take a picture of all her little clothes hanging in her closet! Even that's all ready to go. Speaking of closets, I moved Jonas's clothes from the nursery into the kids' room and moved Kalleigh's clothes from the kids' room into the nursery. That way when Kate is consistently sleeping through the night, I can move Kalleigh in with her and we will have a "girls' room" and a "boys' room"! I feel like I may be a little too giddy about this new organization, but I know some of you understand. ;)

Now all I need are the disposable things that you can't keep from child to child: diapers, bottle nipples and liners, pacifiers, etc. and we really will be completely ready! Hard to believe.

Please pray for a smooth and easy delivery and that Kate and I will continue to be healthy through it all!

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Jennifer said...

LOVE the room motif! I can't believe you're 36 weeks! So exciting! Hang in there little mama, Miss Kate will be here before you know it :)

Elizabeth said...

Praying everything goes smoothly for you and baby Kate! The nursery is super cute!

Jina Hinson said...

OK, so I shamelessly post that I didn't finish putting the crib UP, much less a sheet and blankets on it until I was IN LABOR with Rebekah....not wishing to rush anything, of course.


LOVE what you've done with the nursery. Fabulous. Can't wait to meet Miss Kate!! Love and prayers to you, Kim!

Tiffany Rose said...

Very cute room!! I love nursery pics! You're so close now. Can't wait to see pics of precious little Kate. :)

Aunt Donna said...

Oh, I love the nursery too. So cute! Little Kate is so loved already.

Keleigh said...

So exciting!! I was just telling Kreg yesterday that I'll be shocked if it takes another month for our sweet Kate to get here :) I can't believe how quickly its gone! I LOVE the zebra theme, I picked out green zebra fabric as well as some browns to do Tucker's room-- I'm itching to get started, so he better stay a boy this time :) Miss you and love to all 6 Hodges!

Deborah said...

How cute is that zebra stripe?!?!?!

You are so creative. I love how you thought outside the box and made so many personal touches.

Emily said...

Adorable! Great job, Kim! Praying for you and looking forward to seeing pics of Miss Kate. Hang in there! :-)

Glenave Curtis said...

Mamaw is certainly praying for you and the little one. I like the striking simplicity of the decorations, especially the drawings of Jonas and Kalleigh. Looking forward to Kate making an entrance for you and her.