Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spring Sing/Easter Report

Judging Spring Sing was harder than I thought it would be! We judged the Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday afternoon shows. I wish we could have stayed to watch the last show just for fun without having to focus so hard on our individual areas! Something about the worship minister needing to be back on Easter Sunday made us drive back after the afternoon show. :)

The show was really fun and filled with a lot of good talent. I think I had three relatives in the show this year: Logan in ensemble (LOVED the Ramalama number!), Tara in the puppets show (the most Jimminy Cricket I've ever seen), and Jake in the pirates show (the most realistic pirate out there with the beard and braids!). And Craig Jones was the vocal coach, and he's just nearly family! It was good to see all of them! Goodness, I'll get in trouble if I start trying to name EVERYONE we saw this weekend, because I'm sure I'd forget someone. So, it was really good to see EVERYONE!

We stayed in the Heritage since we could. Plus both Mom and Mother Martha had company staying at their houses, so I think it worked out best for everyone. Thanks to our moms for helping out with our kids during the shows and other activities we couldn't take one or both kids to!

We finally got our family picture taken since all of us siblings were together (at least for a few hours, anyway!). And I took a few of Johnathan hunting Easter eggs.

Easter morning was freezing here in Tyler. Literally, we woke up to 32 degree weather. It had even snowed here while we were in AR! The kids did wear their Easter outfits (different than outfits shown here) but we did not get pictures. I'll have to dress them up again and take some. They looked great!


Mom said...

Fun times! I miss you all already! XO, Mom

Aunt Donna said...

Great pictures, Kim. LOVE that family picture. Mamaw and Papaw need an 8X10 of that one on their wall. The Easter egg pictures are precious too.

Deborah said...

Sweet Easter pictures. I'm glad you enjoyed judging--I know what you mean about it being more difficult than you would think. But isn't it funny how something that was so important to your college career is now just a fun show to watch? My, how perspective changes.

Tiffany said...

So what were the final Spring Sing results? (I'm sorry that I'm enough of a dork to actually ask that.)

And I LOVE the black and khaki family photo! No only is it a great picture of everyone, but it's got a good, timeless look so that you won't be embarrased by your wardrobe choice of day-glo spandex and shoulder pads in 20 years.

Kim Hodges said...

Ah yes, JGJ & KJK won with their Candy Store show. Lots of talent, for sure, but I voted for the Shool Days show. It was SO funny!

Kristi Petrak said...

Yea!! Love the pictures! So glad we got to see each other, even for just a short time. Love you! ^_^

Amanda said...

We did switch- Adam and I weren't getting what we needed from the new preacher there.

We go now to a church right by our house, it is called Life Spring. We really like it- and Adam gets to play his drums. :)

I still want to see you all when you come out- so please keep me posted.


Sandi said...

I like several of the shows: farmers, pirates, and the candyshop girls -- I thought the school kids were cute, too -- the cafeteria ladies were hilarious.