Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trunk or Treat

Yea! Pics are working! Man, when it works, it works great! When it doesn't work ... yeah.

This was a new phenomenon for us since we lived in CO for the past 5 Halloweens and it was usually SNOWING on Halloween and all Trick-or-Treating activities were done inside. We loved going Trunk-or-Treating at Glenwood this year! The weather was beautiful. Here are a few pics:

"Mommy! A scary spider! I want to touch it!"

A Texas Halloween ... *sigh*

Mommy & Pun'kin

I've sorted the "good candy," anything dark chocolate, from the "other candy," uh, everything else, and am enjoying a dark chocolate treat every now and then. :)

Glad to hear that so many of your trick-or-treating went well. Loved seeing all of your pics!


Aunt Donna said...

How cute!! BTW, if you think it's different having a warm Halloween in Texas, just wait until you and the kids are playing outside on the playground on Christmas day! I have to say, though, I didn't mind that so much. Not too much of a snow person myself!

elizabeth said...

Cute pictures! Love the little pun'kin.

Rachel said...

Cute! You look great Kim for having a baby less than a month ago!

Rachel Cochran said...

Casey agrees with you on what constitutes "good candy", but I'm an old fashioned milk chocolate girl. :)

Kristi Petrak said...

Yeah!!!! Love your pics!!!!!!
Aunt Kristi wants to see MORE! ^_^
and she agrees with rachel on the milk chocolate thing ^_^

Aunt Kathy said...

Yeah, dark chocolate. And I actually tell myself that it is so much better for me than the regular. Kole had a costume last year like Johnathan's. Too cute. He was a dinosaur this year.

Kim Hodges said...

" Rachel said...
Cute! You look great Kim for having a baby less than a month ago! "

Hee hee ... creative cropping, my dear. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
I'm with ya on the Dark Choc...I'm currently working on a Dove Promise, those are the greatest, just keep 'em in the freezer:)
It wasn't the same visiting Eastside and not seeing you guys:( Maybe we'll make it to see you guys next summer. By then the girls can play together:) We're headed to Austin for Thanksgiving. It'll be a fun, yet quick trip.
Hope all is well with you:) You look great! The Halloween pics are adorable. I'm playing catch up. I've gotten some pics up, but not enough:)
Happy Thanksgiving:)

Mom said...

I already have my dark chocolate M&M's ready for your Thanksgiving visit. (I am guessing that this first bag won't make it into the month of December!)